Doodly Review 2020: Animated Video Creator That Can Change Your Life!

Review of: Doodly

Use: Video Animation Software


Create attention-grabbing doodle animated videos


Most affordable doodle video creator at just $20/month

Easy of Use

No learning curve involved and a vast tutorials available

Customer Support

24/7 professional support and knowledge base

Summary: Doodly is probably the best doodle animated video creator in the world. Without any skills, anyone can create attention-grabbing videos for their business or other use. Grab your special 49% discount today! 

Let me ask you this, between reading a thousand-word passage and a five-minute video, which one would you choose? I knew you would choose the latter one before I even asked the question.

Because that’s how a human brain works. We always choose more productivity and less work. And this small piece of information can change your life! I will tell you how.  

We already know that given the choice, a person will choose to watch videos over reading text. That is why digital marketers from all over the world are bent on adding videos to their landing pages. A great percentage of buyers admitted that a video makes a product or a landing page credible and attractive.   

Everyone enjoys making a profit. No one is holding back. Neither should you.

But in this great competition where every potential customer is bombarded with thousands of marketing deals every day, how can you reach them? How can you stand out?  

For you, making videos will not cut it, so you have to make unique videos that people will watch. When everyone is all about sales, you need to go subtle.

If you make a simple, humorous, easy-to-digest video that people can enjoy, your conversion rate will skyrocket, eventually. But for that, you need to create that sort of video.

And that is where Doodly - the whiteboard animated video creator comes in. Let us know more about this amazing online video maker.

Create Professional, Realistic Doodle Videos In Minutes

With Doodly, create your own professional doodle sketch videos with little, to no design or technical skills

Doodly Review

Doodly discount coupon

Doodly is a whiteboard animated video creator and anyone can use this. Even if you do not have any skills regarding technology or design, you can still use it. Yes, the user interface is so friendly and intuitive.

The entire software is full of white textures and pleasant to look at. So, the basic idea is this. The video you will create will have characters, texts, and backgrounds. But unlike other animated videos, a hand will appear, and it will draw the images you wish. The images will be static and the hand will be the only thing moving around.    

With Doodly, you can also add background sound to create the ambiance you need. Depending on the package, you will have from 75 to 150 soundtracks to choose from. If you do not wish to choose from these, you can download one and import it to Doodly for usage.    

The characters, backgrounds, and objects in Doodly are well detailed. In the standard package which is available for $39 monthly charge, you get over 800 characters, a thousand objects, forty backgrounds, and seventy-five soundtracks. But with the standard package, you will be restricted from the Doodly club.    

Then there is the enterprise package, which we strongly recommend. It is available for $69 monthly and you will get more than 3500 characters, over 3000 objects, eighty-four backgrounds, and 150 soundtracks.

You also get access to the Doodly club from where you will get new characters, scenes, and props every month! Considering the availability of resources, we highly recommend you get the enterprise edition if you need videos regularly.    

But, if you get any of these packages annually billed, you will receive a discount of 49%!

Product Design and Quality

doodly review

Doodly is the first doodle animated video creator and till today it is living up to its name. With Doodly, you can create an informational and attractive video in ten minutes. Yes, it is that easy!

Before creating each project, you can select the surface the images will be drawn on. You can also choose the color and ethnicity of the hand that will be drawing.  

In the editor, on the left tray, you will find the characters, scenes, and props. If you wish to have one on the video just drag it and drop it. That’s it!

You can then determine how many seconds that particular image will be viewed, how many seconds will the hand take to draw it, and how the transition will work. Using these simple tools, you can create tons of short videos! 

Another awesome thing about it is, besides adding up background music, you can add voice over without any third-party software. And doing that is super easy as well! Play the video and recite your script, and your voice will be recorded in real-time!  

Doodly has recently included the Doodly Smart Draw technology. If you do not wish to use anything from the built-in resources, you can customize and draw everything by yourself! The method is simple yet flexible and satisfying.  

No matter how great an animated video creator is, it has its setbacks. And Doodly is no different. In the resources tab, you will see a rainbow circle. Enabling that option will make all of your images colorful. 

This can make your videos more attractive and vibrant, but unfortunately, you will have to buy this feature from Doodly. But honestly, this setback is nothing in the face of the many great features that Doodly offers.

Create Professional, Realistic Doodle Videos In Minutes

With Doodly, create your own professional doodle sketch videos with little, to no design or technical skills

Doodly Features

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Tons of resources to use
  • Real-time voice recording
  • Beautiful background sounds
  • Endless opportunities for customization

Final Words

Doodly Coupon Code

With a doodle animated video creator such as Doodly, you can save yourself a lot of money. Yes, you have to pay an amount each month of your subscription. But look at the brighter side.

With custom made videos you can keep traffic glued to your websites, landing pages, and social media profiles. That means you will have a greater rate of conversion and thus, more revenue.

Even if you own nothing like these, nor do you wish to, you can always make your freelancer portfolio and sell your videos for a good amount of money. And just think how much revenue you can generate as opposed to the subscription fee you will pay!

All that being said, do we recommend Doodly? Obviously! Get your Doodly now at special 49% discount and start making revenues today!

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