Manual Keyword Research: How To Find Profitable, Low-Competition Keywords

How To Manual Keyword Research 2019

Understand Your ‘Unique’ Niche Your niche is never entirely pre-defined. Regardless of your niche, you will be presenting a unique set of product categories. You will have to break down on your niche and sub-niches too. If your niche is a fat loss you might want to narrow down to exercises or diets or programmers … Read More →

How To Avoid Google Penalties And Detection For Your PBN

How To Avoid Google Penalty and PBN Detection

Impact of Google Penalties Google has torched plenty of PBNs so brutally. Google shows no mercy when it detects PBN. The evolving search algorithms are quick to spot any abnormalities. The Google penalties are harsh, causing severe financial losses. AdSense revenues are out of the window. The websites are blacklisted and will not show up … Read More →

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