Can You Lose Money In A Roth IRA? Yes, But Only In These 3 Situations

Can you lose money in a Roth IRA

Thinking about retirement conjures up all kinds of thoughts. The first thing you think about is how much time you’ll finally get to spend spoiling your grandchildren. After that, you think about vacation and doing all the things that you’ve always wanted to do. Somewhere down the line, the thought of money crosses your mind. … Read More →

What’s the Difference Between 401k and IRA? Here Are the Three Things Everyone Saving for Retirement Must Know

Difference Between 401k and IRA

So, you’re thinking of your golden years in retirement. You know, those glorious days when you spend your time doing nothing at all. Maybe you’ll spend your retirement with your feet in the sand on the beach. Perhaps you’d like to move to a quaint little town and enjoy some peace and quiet. No matter … Read More →

The Top Three Situations When Paying off Student Loans Early Is a Bad Idea

We all know that paying off debt as quickly as possible is always a good idea. But is paying off student loans early a good idea? Paying interest on any debt is like flushing cash down the toilet. You get nothing for the interest payments that you make, and they’re only making someone else richer. … Read More →

Money Market vs Savings Account: What’s the Difference?

Money Market vs Savings Account 1

You’ve got some money in your pocket, and it’s about to burn a hole in it. You don’t want the money to vanish in thin air. You’ve heard people talk about money market account vs savings account. Now you’re ready to save your money and not spend it on foolish stuff. The problem is, you … Read More →

Where to Cash a Check Without Paying Fee: 6 Places to Cash a Personal Check

Where to Cash a Check Without Paying Fee

With the global population moving towards a cashless world, people prefer paying for small services by means of account transfers and checks rather than cash. Although this is positive for those who compensate, it might not be so much in the recipient’s favor. More often than not, banks are paying for the services they offer, … Read More →

Types of Life Insurance: Types and Important Points to Consider When Buying a Life Insurance?

Types of Life Insurance

Life insurance is among the foundations of personal finance that every household needs to recognize. I would even go so far as to suggest most of this is important. But, given its almost universal applicability, there is still much uncertainty and even cynicism about life insurance. But this article would provide an easy-to-understand description of … Read More →

How Does Life Insurance Work? 5 Things Very Few People Know

How Does Life Insurance Work

How does life insurance work? Life insurance functions very simply: The policyholder charges an insurance company a fixed amount of money–the rate. The company provides a tax-free sum of money if the policyholder passes while the policy remains working–the death benefit.  The parties receiving the benefit of death, typically family members, are called beneficiaries. The … Read More →

Government Assistance for Car Repairs: Boon for Low-Income Families


Individuals with low income and welfare recipients can qualify for the federal government or non-profit transportation assistance. The plan will help pay for repairs to vehicles, such as new tires, engines, and other work needed. The service they generated is called Job Access and Reverse Commute, or JARC. This is limited in reach and funding … Read More →

Pension vs 401(k) Plans: What’s the Better Option?

pension vs 401K

Pension vs 401(k), confused what to choose? There is a considerable variety of retirement plan options available to employees. However, given that all of these plans have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, you must know exactly which one you should select and why. That’s why today, we have compiled the six most important … Read More →

Protecting and Keeping Your Pension in a Divorce: 5 Important Steps to Take Before Getting a Divorce

keeping your pension in a divorce

There are many things much more tougher to handle than a divorce. If the difficulties regarding family aren’t difficult enough for couples, they also have to deal with financial settlements, and the battles for assets, ranging from properties to cash and other investments.  Retirement plans & pensions are often a hot topic during the agreements, … Read More →