Where to Cash a Check Without Paying Fee: 6 Places to Cash a Personal Check

With the global population moving towards a cashless world, people prefer paying for small services by means of account transfers and checks rather than cash.

Although this is positive for those who compensate, it might not be so much in the recipient’s favor. More often than not, banks are paying for the services they offer, and that may not augur well for everyone.

It is almost always a good thing to get a test. The only catch is you’ve got to do something with the check before you spend that money. It’s often free to cash a check, but some sites demand high rates to turn a check into cash.

6 Places Where to Cash a Check Without Paying Fee

1. At Your Bank

Where to Cash a Check Without Paying Fee

Any bank or credit union that you have an affiliation with is your best bet for free check cashing. Regarding cash checks, account holders spend nothing at most banks. Plus, the check can be deposited, and cash is withdrawn later.

 Depending on the “funds availability” policy of your bank and the type of check you’re cashing, the full value of the check may not be accessible to you. So usually having $200 is allowed.1

If you don’t have a bank account, it’s likely worth opening one. Live without a bank account is certainly possible, but living this way requires extra energy and creativity.

Going bank-free is probably only sensible if, for some reason, you can not open an account. You can use that test to open your first account if you have a check-in hand (and particularly if you expect to receive further checks in the future).

Opening an account will most probably save you a great deal of time and energy.

In the end, the bank is the best bet to deposit a check for free. However, most banks do not charge cash checks to their account holders; there are a few banks that charge a minimum amount for the same.

For a fact, you can always deposit the check if it is your bank and redeem it a little later. That makes your bank one of the best places where you can cash your check without paying fee.

2. Check Writer’s Bank


Another available option is to cash the check by taking it to the bank where it draws on the funds. In other terms, go to the bank where they have an account for the person who wrote the check.

If you deal with a check issued by the government, things do work differently. Even if you can’t walk into the Treasury for cash, you will find such checks simpler to deposit at banks and retail outlets because they are considered safe.

Cash checks are not always free-even if you visit the bank from which the funds will come. Banks may pay Non-customers, so be sure to ask for expenses before you start.

When you can’t visit a bank branch of the checkwriter, you should seek other branches (banks that don’t have an account for either you or the checkwriter).

You may have difficulty finding someone willing to cash a check, though, and you will be fortunate to get it done for free. However, you can still inquire.

3. Retail Stores

Walmart Where to Cash a Check Without Paying Fee

Some stores cash checks for free. They’re likely hoping you’ll spend some of that money while you’re there. Cash checks are not the worst idea in the world from their perspective— when you have cash in your hand, you’re more willing to spend.

Nevertheless, the industry of taking risks on bad checks is not with supermarkets, so don’t expect it to work every time. Your odds are best if you’re a regular customer, and the staff is familiar with you. To get money, expect to accept the check or sign it into the shop.

Many regional stores offer free cashing of checks. If you are a part of the Spend Your Way system, Kmart stores cash picked checks for $1 (or possibly fewer).

Walmart cash checks for $4.5 at their Money Centers Anecdotally, Walmart was also known for free cash checks— especially government-issued checks (such as stimulus checks and tax refunds).

Grocery stores are another inexpensive option (usually about $1 or so), and may even cash small personal inspections. Ask your customer service counter about check-cashing.

4. Prepaid Cards


If you don’t need cash right away, you can deposit your checks to a prepaid account (allegedly linked to a prepaid debit card).

You will be able to spend the money as soon as the test is valid, and you may even have some of the funds available right away, depending on the design of the card and the availability of funds program. By making a withdrawal to an ATM, you can eventually turn those funds into cash.

You use an app to make a deposit, then take a test picture with your mobile device. This is a particularly good option when you can’t open a bank account.

Prepaid cards can act as a replacement for fully functioning banks (although it is probably best to have a standard bank account): you can transfer cash, keep money secure, and use plastic.

5. Check-Cashing Stores

As you travel busy streets, alongside (or inside) payday loan shops, you’ll probably see check-cashing stores. Those put checks in money, but it is not going to be free.

Once you cash a check at a review-cashing shop, check the fees carefully. There is a better chance you would be able to pay less elsewhere.

Bottom line

You need to have a clear idea of which option is cheaper to cash a check. Don’t rush into heavy fees.  Carry an ID card that is authorized anywhere. Depositing a check or presenting it directly to the bank can avoid charges. Gaining cash is a free method.

When you visit shops or deposit a check through an electronic non-bank entity, then a certain fee will be paid. Therefore, testing the prices to cash a check is highly advisable.

There are plenty of options available to cash a check without paying fee, but you need to keep in mind what is right for you. In case you don’t have a bank account or you don’t want to be charged to a bank account, then you can go to Credit Union Account. The minimum balance required to keep the account is very much like $5.

If you want to encash a check, then visit the check bank with clear proof of identification.  The whole idea is, you shouldn’t be spending extra on checking.

There are ways to deposit a free check.  If you still chose to use other choices, then you could go through my page again and choose the one you’d like to use. 

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