What’s the Difference Between 401k and IRA? Here Are the Three Things Everyone Saving for Retirement Must Know

Difference Between 401k and IRA

So, you’re thinking of your golden years in retirement. You know, those glorious days when you spend your time doing nothing at all. Maybe you’ll spend your retirement with your feet in the sand on the beach. Perhaps you’d like to move to a quaint little town and enjoy some peace and quiet. No matter … Read More →

Protecting and Keeping Your Pension in a Divorce: 5 Important Steps to Take Before Getting a Divorce

keeping your pension in a divorce

There are many things much more tougher to handle than a divorce. If the difficulties regarding family aren’t difficult enough for couples, they also have to deal with financial settlements, and the battles for assets, ranging from properties to cash and other investments.  Retirement plans & pensions are often a hot topic during the agreements, … Read More →