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[30 Days] AWeber Free Trial (2020 Update)

AWeber is a great autoresponder for digital marketing/affiliate marketing professionals. If you want to boost your email marketing strategies to the next level, you should give AWeber a try with our exclusive 30-days free trial deal.
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[30 Days] AWeber Free Trial (2020 Update)

What pleases you more: a handwritten birthday card or a ‘happy birthday’ image on social media?

Of course, the handwritten card! The purpose of both the card and the picture is the same – wishing the person.

Similarly, the use of both – email marketing and digital marketing is the same. But the emails, like the handwritten card, reach the heart and soul of the person.

This article will explain to you all about what is AWeber and how to get an AWeber free trial.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing represents getting in touch with the potential consumers, or the would-be consumers by giving them the idea of the products and services a firm provides.

Or in simple words, email marketing serves as a platform to advertise and promote the firm’s products and services to gain the trust of the consumers and to create brand awareness.

Email marketing is beating social media, SEO, etc., and is standing out as the most effective and efficient marketing channel.

What does AWeber do?

AWeber has been providing several hundred firms email marketing services for the last 20 years. It has given a significant push and marketed for 1,000,000  small businesses and entrepreneurs.

AWeber is a great platform that helps you to not only create a huge customer base but also to build a relationship with the customers.

Amazing Features of AWeber

AWeber provides you with many features such as autoresponders, integrations,  sign-up forms, subscriber segmenting, email newsletter,  email spilled testing, customer support,  blog newsletters, and many more. You can enjoy AWeber free trial and experience its features. Some of these are described below.

1. Autoresponder

These are e-newsletters that can be sent automatically to the mail list subscribers. They are posted in the intervals which are set by you. Once you have set the interval time, the content, your part is done.

It serves best in assisting you in bringing more customers from your subscriber list. This helps you to build the foundation of your business on the trust of potential customers.

2. Email Analysis

When you see a report card at a school, it’s not to compare the intelligence of the students; it is to give direct feedback. The same is the work of email analysis. It keeps track of everything, from open rates to sales with minimal clicks.

With the help of this feature, you can see who opened your mail and when, by knowing this, you can invest your time on the new leads and not the other.

3. Application Programming Interface (API)

API is like the online shopping apps; you don’t have to go into the shop, search for the item, go to the counter, and then buy it. Instead, you can just be sitting at your place and order it; it’s the same for API.

API refers to methods by which users can use the different functions of an application or a website using code instead of logging and signing up on the app or the website.

AWeber integrates email marketing with Unbounce, Sumo,  LeadPages, Zapier, and many such applications.

4. Deliverability

Delivery and deliverability are not the same. Delivery refers to when the email has reached the receiver’s server; on the other hand, deliverability refers to when the email successfully lands in the inbox of the customer rather than the spam folder.

If the email lands into the spam folder, all the efforts have gone to waste. To sum up, successful deliverability is successful email marketing. And with AWeber, deliverability, is not an option but a feature.

5. Customer Support

What is the most essential factor in a service? CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Yes, of course.  Knowing this, Aweber provides 24×7 customer support.

You can be in contact with AWeber anytime and anywhere. We are just one tap away.

6. Free Trial to Test

AWeber provides all of these features at affordable pricing and ultimately helps you to achieve your business goals and objectives. Just try the 30 days free trial and trust AWeber for your email marketing.

So why not get hold of this free trial for 30 days opportunity and test these amazing features? What are you waiting for?

Just go and grab this excellent deal!

How To Start Your AWeber Free Trial

In the navigation menu, among subscribers, sign up forms, reports, click on the ‘sign up’ form option. After that, click on the ‘Create a Sign-Up Form’ tab. Choosing a template – which is suitable for your form – from the ‘template gallery.’

There are several different categories of templates available with AWeber under the option ‘show more.’ Make sure that the template you chose matches the design and theme of your website. After you have made your mind about choosing the right template, click on it.

Following that,  select the color scheme of your choice. Also, make sure that the color looks decent but at the same time, attracts the users. Choosing that, click on the ‘load template.’

Half of your job is done. After loading the template, you have to give a headline for your website. A headline conveys the customers why they should sign up and what kind of information they can expect to receive. Here are some of the best email subject lines to get inspiration.

After that, you are left with two options, that are to ‘save your form’ and ‘go to step 2’.

If you want to do the remaining part, later on, click on ‘save your form.’ If you’re going to continue the process, click on ‘go to step 2’.  After selecting ‘go to step 2’,  you will have to give your form a name,

AWeber makes it sure that the subscribers don’t get to see your name. This name is for your future reference.

Following that, you have to choose where to send your subscribers; you can either select the ‘thank you’ page that AWeber sets for default, or you can choose any of the pages available on your website.

After that, you would need to save your form. To do that, click on ‘save your form’ option, and then click on ‘go to step 3’ to continue the process to create a form.

Publishing your way on your site can be done by you or us. You can do it using HTML, which is provided, or you can ask us to do this job.


Following all the steps mentioned above, you will have successfully created a form for your site! Do check out the way for particulars by filling it out yourself.

Keep an eye out for form responses, and create new forms as and when you need it! Enjoy the AWeber free trial so that you can experience the tools of the software.

Start your free 30-days AWeber trial now!