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[49% OFF] Doodly Coupon Code & review

Create jaw dropping doodle style marketing and explainer videos in just a few clicks.
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[49% OFF] Doodly Coupon Code & review

What is Doodly?

Doodly is a handy little tool that anyone can use to create videos. Quick to learn and easy to master; it’s got a super user-friendly interface that anyone can grasp, regardless of experience in video editing and design.

It’s the perfect thing for when you just need to quickly put out a blackboard, whiteboard, or glassboard video. I understand that lots of different professionals use them for ‘explainer’ videos, or sales pitches.

What’s the benefit of using Doodly?

The thing about Doodly that I just can’t get over is how *simple* it is to use. It’s honestly ridiculous- you can make any video you imagine, with just simple pointing and clicking!

Here’s just a few things I liked, and other users have reported loving:

  • It saves time, stress, and money on overpriced graphic designers, by simply making the videos you need.
  • You prevent the frustration of explaining your exact needs to an uncaring professional video designer 
  • There’s a near infinite range of uses, professional or otherwise. It can be used for home projects, as well as for serious professional settings.
  • It’s a quick setup- anyone can start pumping out blackboard, greenboard, whiteboard, or glassboard videos in no time.
  • The Doodly quick draw feature lets users create any image in seconds.
  • It works perfectly on both Mac and PC


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How do you use Doodly?

The setup is almost ridiculously simple- it just uses simple click-and-point, drag-and-drop mechanics.

 It comes equipped with a gallery of pre-designed people, music, and objects that can be used. Furthermore, it includes more than 200 custom poses, with 20 different playable scenes and 200 props. 

In my opinion, the cherry on top is the diverse library of royalty-free audio that can be used. It gives you a ton of options for ambiance and meaning.

Although simple, I found it to be pretty versatile, too! 


Are there any downsides for Doodly?

Actually, I’m still waiting on an answer for this, myself. So far, the answer seems to be a pretty solid “no”- especially given the 100% money-back guarantee that Doodly offers to first-time users.

About 2% of users (or less) actually end up requesting their money back, apparently. On the one occasion that I did have a minor little problem while using it, I found the support team to be really helpful, and attentive to my needs.

They also release periodic software updates to make things increasingly smoother, and to take care of any bugs.


What do other people think of Doodly?

As I mentioned earlier, barely 2% of people ever even try to get a refund for Doodly. In other words, it appears to be pretty popular with the general public.

In fact, there’s even a big Facebook group for it- which I thought was pretty cool.

When I ordered Doodly, I was given access to a private Facebook group for Doodly users, with over 50,000 active members. That was a nice little surprise- in this group, people share a lot of cool videos, as well as helpful tips, motivation, and all kinds of good stuff.



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Closing thoughts  

It’s often said that nothing in life is perfect… And that’s true. Nevertheless, when it comes to making quick, simple videos, Doodly is as close to perfect as it gets.

The setup literally takes minutes to master, and it empowers you to create video content that graphic designers would charge you a fortune for.

As I mentioned, there are possibly some minor bugs (I never saw any, myself), but they periodically release software updates to resolve these, anyway. The support team is pretty on-the-ball.


Given the money-back guarantee, I would definitely recommend it to anybody who needs high-quality videos.

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