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[65% Discount] FastComet Coupon Code (March 2020 Update)

FastComet provides a wide range of hosting services and is one of the top service providers of web hosting. 
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[65% Discount] FastComet Coupon Code (March 2020 Update)

You see numerous websites on the internet when you browse. But, have you ever wondered how these websites pop up as soon as you search for something online? No? Web hosting duly does this job.

Hosting your website on the internet is essential so that when people try to search for something related to your website, your site appears on the search results. Web hosting allows you to occupy specific storage space on the server.

Let’s compare FastComet with other hosting service providers and also look at the FastComet coupon code available.

What is FastComet?

FastComet provides a wide range of hosting services and is one of the top service providers of web hosting. 

They provide shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and some of the most popular ones are WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting and much more.

They offer the most reliable and user-friendly services at a fair price which gets cheaper if you use our exclusive FastComet coupon code. Even tutorials are provided to make you understand how to set up and manage web hosting.

What are the benefits of using FastComet?

The services that they are providing comes with extensive benefits as well. FastComet is an incredible service provider for every type of business. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Unlike other hosting providers who provide their clients with HDD, FastComet offers Solid State Drives, SDD, which is three times faster than the hard disk drives. 
  • The default panel that they provide is the cPanel, a web hosting control panel so that you can create and manage your websites effortlessly.
  • You can install WordPress, WooCommerce, etc. at just a single click of the button. This one-click installer has got its customers to love FastComet as you can automatically install on your favorite browser with different software and applications.
  • Instant support due to the 24/7 customer support service. They are quick to resolve your issues to make your journey with them a smooth one.

Comparison of FastComet with other service providers

To give you a better insight into why you should prefer FastComet, let’s compare with other hosting service providers and get a clear picture.

1. FastComet vs HostGator 

The main thing is the price, the price that customer has to pay is comparatively more than FastComet, and also, the services offered don’t align with the amount that the customers are paying.

FastComet offers SSD, encryption, firewall, daily backups and much more at a minimal price. Multiple servers are located whereas in HostGator the servers are located in only two countries. 

2. FastComet vs SiteGround

Compared to SiteGround, FastComet is more reliable, and the pricing is also lesser with constant and quick customer support. It is user-friendly and offers a wide range of features, unlike SiteGround.

The server is located in multiple countries which is not the case of SiteGround as they have their servers located in very few countries. It is clear as to who has the upper hand here.

3. FastComet vs BlueHost

The basic plan, BlueHost, is charging way more than what it can offer. Again, here FastComet wins due to its numerous features offered at a reasonable price.

BlueHost doesn’t provide SSD Servers, no encryption, server located at just two locations, no daily backups which are all offered by FastComet. We can see who is better from this.

Why is FastComet popular?

From the above comparisons we’ve made, there is no doubt as to why FastComet is popular among everyone. With dedicated servers and 24/7/365 support, it is one of the dominant web-hosting providers.

FastComet never ceases to provide its customers with the best possible support and variety of features. 

You can try the FastComet free trial now and check out how it works for your website. With a 45 days money-back guarantee, they are reliable to a great extent.

Their constant efforts to help their customers have the best experience make it to top of the list. Be in for business websites or other domains, and one can quickly put up their websites on the internet.

How many people use FastComet?

Started in 2013, FastComet has been growing tremendously over the years. With over 50,000+ users who run websites for business and personal blogs, they are continually appreciating the services FastComet is providing.

Currently, with 11 datacentres around the world, they are planning to increase that number to touch a maximum number of users. 

Why do customers like FastComet?

Customers go for this web hosting provider due to the features they are offering mainly being the free SSD and cloud CDN which they can access on any of the plans. There are no extra charges for this.

None of the other hosting providers offers the tutorials which are again one of the main reasons why customers are leaning towards this.

Another best part is customers are provided with a free domain no just for a year but, for a lifetime. This is one of the incredible services offered by them.

There is also a FastComet free trial where you get 30 days to decide if this is the one for you. Well, there is no going back once you’ve started using it, and this is why customers have liked FastComet than others.

How does FastComet work?

If you’re new to building a website, the site builder will help you from scratch. You can pick your desired themes and drag and drop them. There are very innovative themes that make your site look cool enough. 

Once you’ve registered, all the applications are automatically installed. The modules too are set up, and they don’t charge you a single penny for it. There will be frequent updates over time, as well. 

Your website will always be protected due to the firewalls on the servers and even for those they don’t charge you. You can offer your customers authentication, and you can also customize your dashboard accordingly. You can manage your IP Address, notifications and also the configuration of your server.

FastComet Coupon Code – Summing It Up

FastComet is one of the proven web hosting providers globally and is being used by multiple customers in multiple locations due to the servers located worldwide. With top-notch features and all-time support, you would be making the best decision for your online business.

Hurry up! And check out the FastComet free trial and use the FastComet coupon code to get exciting discounts.