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[40% OFF] Flywheel Web Hosting Discount (2020 update)

With features like collaborative web development tools, backups of your content, free content delivery network and free of cost site migration, Flywheel hosting a great choice.
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[40% OFF] Flywheel Web Hosting Discount (2020 update)

This is the age of the internet. We can all find all that we need in just one click with the help of the internet. Websites are a set of web pages which act as a medium of displaying the data available with the network and bring it to the use of the people accessing the website. This information can be supplied by anyone who knows how to make a website.

Building a website is not as easy as a cakewalk. It requires many resources and expertise in using them to the fullest. In a website builder, there are several tools that facilitate the making of a website.

Some of these tools may be built-in, and some need to be exported from some other website builder. The flywheel web hosting can be used for this.

What is Web Hosting? 

Posting a website on the internet is one of the critical steps of building a website. This gives the website the necessary exposure and platform. The hosting of a website is done on the main computer, also referred to as a server by saving or storing the web pages of a website.

Whenever your site is needed to be viewed, the user should type the URL in the bar given for the same. The internet will connect to the server, and then the website corresponding to this address will be launched onto your computer. This way, you will get access to the required web pages of the website. 

Features of a Web Host

A web host is a central server that stores all the websites. The following features are required for a computer to be a good web host.

  • Website: The access provided by the site is an essential aspect of its specifications. The web host should have access to the website you are planning to store on it. 
  • Website building tools: The building of a website includes deciding its layout, design, the data, and information it will carry and other such specifications. A web host should have these features in the website building tool. 
  • Distinct databases: A website requires a database to store the data it collects, computes and saves. Hence, a host should have the facility of creating separate databases for different websites. 
  • FTP access: FTP is a protocol (File Transfer Protocol) used to transfer the file from the computer’s local storage to the server’s storage. The host needs to have this protocol to supply information to the user.
  • WordPress Compatibility: WordPress is a leading website development tool. If your web host is compatible with WordPress, updating and creating newer versions of a website becomes easier.

About Flywheel Web Hosting

The Flywheel is a web hosting agency that is completely compatible with WordPress. has affirmed the same. It aims at creating better websites for the ease of web designers and web developers. It primarily hosts websites created in WordPress.

It has many features like collaborative web development tools, backups of your content, free content delivery network and free of cost site migration. Also, there is free malware cleanup and the use of auto-heal technologies.

They reduce the chances of the data getting corrupted. If there is more than one website you are accessing all at once, Flywheel provides a unique dashboard that helps you toggle among them quite easily.

One of the features of Flywheel which makes it professionally appealing is that a web developer can create a website on his/her account and then transfer it to the client’s account along with its billing. This service helps freelancers as well. It is called the client billing transfer function.

The flywheel web hosting guarantees high speed, constant help, and support as well as excellent performance in developing a website and hosting it.

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Website Building and Developing Plans

The flywheel web hosting is an agency that provides the facility of website hosting. It gives some plans for the same which differ in the duration and kind of services provided with it. One may debate that Flywheel is comparatively costlier than many of its web hosting counterparts.

But, there is no denying that it offers assistance and videos guiding you through web development as no other hosting does. It encapsulates guidance right from the grass-root level. Also, even after the website is created and hosted, there is a helpline system that will help you through any failures or errors you may encounter. Since the website we created on WordPress, it can be easily updated.

All of these services are in the form of plans which are charged as given below. These plans are characterized by the number of websites one can create, the disk space allocated to it on the host server, the bandwidth designated to it and the number of visitors allowed on the website per month.

Also, there is a special Flywheel Web Hosting Discount and special offers available on these plans.  

  • Tiny: This plan is available for Rs. 962/year only and has the creation of only one website allowed. There are 5,000 monthly visits allowed, 20GB bandwidth and 5GB disk space allocated. 
  • Starter: It is the most popular plan at Rs. 1,849/year only. It allows the creation of one website and 25,000 monthly visitors along with 10GB disk space and 50GB bandwidth.
  • Freelance: This plan is suitable for a freelancing web developer or web designer. It costs Rs. 7,100/year only and allows ten websites to be created. It gives 20GB disk space and 200GB bandwidth. The number of monthly visitors allowed is 100,000. 
  • Agency: As the name suggests, this plan is for web developing agencies. It costs Rs. 17,900/year only and allows the creation of 30 websites. It offers 50GB disk space and 500GB bandwidth. Four hundred thousand monthly visitors are allowed.
  • Custom made: In addition to all these plans, one can also have plans tailored to his/her convenience as per the usage and need. 


Web technology is an emerging field in the computer and internet streams. That is why the creation and hosting of websites have become a great way of earning as well as tending to the budding web developers and web designers.

The flywheel web hosting is one such web hosting agency that offers plans for the same at affordable prices.