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[25% OFF] GMC Hosting Promo Code: Verified Discount (APRIL 2020)

Automation, instant setup, and low latency all are some of the features that make GMC Hosting unique, and the constant support by the technical teams are something to be appreciated.
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[25% OFF] GMC Hosting Promo Code: Verified Discount (APRIL 2020)

Gaming is not fun if there are constant interruptions while playing. It can ruin your gaming experience. Routers blocking the ports or security issues can come in the way. So what do you do at that time? Using a gaming server provided by GMC Hosting is what you have to do.

GMC offers an excellent game server for all the gamers out there. With GMC hosting, you can enjoy gaming like never before also enjoy the perks that tag along while using their services.

We’ll check out more about GMC Hosting and what is offers along with how to use the GMC hosting promo code.

What is GMC Hosting?

GMC Hosting provides a variety of hosting services ranging from game servers, voice servers and also web servers.

It is a New York-based hosting provider that puts forth the best of its services to the customers and ensures that a beginner without any technical knowledge can also be able to use their hosting service effortlessly.

Their DDoS protection sets them apart from other game hosting providers, and they also have a custom control panel where you can easily control your server and have great gaming experience or run a website without any complications.

You can get their services and also enjoy the features using the GMC hosting promo code at a lower price.

Benefits of Using GMC Hosting Promo Code

GMC Hosting offers a bunch of advantages, and it is one of the best hosting providers for game servers. Let’s check out some of the notable benefits.

  • Security – The DDoS protected hosting servers guard the DDoS attacks that normally occur and destroys your device or slow down. This type of attack is protected, offering more security with numerous DDoS Mitigation Layers.
  • Efficiency – The servers are highly efficient, offering the best services without any arguments. They work perfectly fine during any time of the day. 
  • Better playing experience – With GMC Hosting, you can easily handle multiple players and bring out the competitive beast while having a steady gaming experience. You no longer have to worry about having several issues that obstruct you while gaming. 
  • Excellent technical support – Any technical problems will be resolved quickly without any delay. If you’re an amateur in this, you can contact their support team who will assist you through the entire process. 
  • Simple – It is simple to use and does not take a lot of effort handling it. Much of the technicalities are taken care of by GMC Hosting, making it simpler and more straightforward to use.

Why is GMC Hosting Popular?

GMC Hosting is popular because of its simplicity, its ease and the layers of protection provided to the customers.

DDoS attacks can be of numerous types, but they ensure that such attacks do not take place at any cost and continue to safeguard the customer. They also make custom filters on request, which is excellent, and it is clear as to why GMC Hosting is more popular.

The three layers of protection provided by them are all that you would need to protect yourself while on the Internet.

There is even “Community Discord” a platform where you can meet other server owners, and communicate with them.

How Many People Use GMC Hosting?

Over hundreds of customers are currently using their services, making GMC Hosting a more reliable and sought after hosting provider.

They offer a range of features at a significantly lower price than the other providers, which is why many customers have shifted to using GMC from other servers. The ease and protection provided by them are commendable.

They ensure that the customers are provided with the best of their services, and one can even customize the control panel, which makes it the best in terms of overall services that are offered.

Why Do Customers Like GMC Hosting?

Customers like GMC Hosting due to the following features offered to them:

  1. DDoS protection- The central thing about GMC Hosting is the complete protection from numerous DDoS attacks. Protection is vital in this online era, and they have rightly focused on that making it the best for any customers. The best part is that you can even get custom filters if you want based on your requirements.
  2. Custom Control Panel- The GMCPanel as they mention, is easy to use, and you can tailor it accordingly, which is one of the perks of using their services. 
  3. Dedicated resources- Their only attention is to you providing you with the best of the resources to enhance your gaming. The game servers and the web servers have dedicated resources completely focused on serving you the best.
  4. 250 Player Slots – As mentioned, it the perfect solution for a gamer looking for a hosting provider. It has over 250 player slots where you can easily play with hundreds of people without any difficulties.
  5. Web Hosting- You get free SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and a customizable control panel. You get a 500 GB of bandwidth every month and also over 10 MySQL databases depending on your needs. 
  6. Rust Server Hosting- Instead of manually removing the rust now and then, GMC has completely automated it making it easier and which is innovative as well.

Final Words

GMC Hosting is a perfect solution if you’re planning for a game server. They even provide voice and web servers. The vast features and benefits that come in their package make it one of the best hosting providers across.

Now, you can have a great experience with custom features and benefits. The never before DDoS protection where they provide custom made layers of protection for you is rare, and without any doubt, GMC Hosting has offered the best of its efforts.

Automation, instant setup, and low latency all are some of the features that make GMC Hosting unique, and the constant support by the technical teams are something to be appreciated.

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