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[70% Discount] Nord VPN 3 Year Deal: Protect Your Identity (APRIL 2020)

NordVPN is an excellent solution if you've been having a hard time protecting your online activities on the internet.
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[70% Discount] Nord VPN 3 Year Deal: Protect Your Identity (APRIL 2020)

Worried about all the news on internet hacking everywhere? Well, put a full stop to those thoughts as with Nord VPN, you can secure your data online regardless of where you are. Yes, Nord VPN ensures that you remain safe and can browse without fretting about being the victim for hackers.

It makes sure your personal, as well as business data, is shielded from the intrusive eyes. We here will make you understand how to benefit from the Nord VPN 3 year deal and what makes Nord VPN the best VPN in the market.

What is a Nord VPN?

Nord VPN is a virtual private network that acts as a blanket by protecting your online activities. You can safely browse on the internet in airports, stations, or anywhere you travel to.

It provides its customers with a better experience and ensures safety. Your IP address will be protected, and you can safely browse on any device and also download files, movies, or anything without any restrictions.

Benefits of Using Nord VPN

There are numerous benefits of using Nord VPN for protecting your data and files or your browsing activities. A few of them are as below:

  • It’s become a routine to keep switching devices for different purposes in a day. You can effortlessly turn on the VPN for all the devices and protect yourself from unnecessary ads and virus attacks. 
  • There are no restrictions on your search with Nord VPN. You can browse anything under the sun on the internet, be it your favorite movies or any sites without getting blocked.
  • With higher speed, your searches are most faster than ever, and the loading time of any websites is fast. 
  • You no longer have to worry about getting your phone hacked in public places like airports, train stations, or cafes. Turn on the VPN, and you’re good to go. You’re safer than ever before. 
  • Your searches and the browsing history is kept private by hiding your IP address. You can forget deleting your browser history every other day if you’re planning to use Nord VPN.
  • You can expect support at any time of the day if you face any issues while using the VPN. Their constant support makes Nord VPN the best VPN providers when compared to the rest.

Why is Nord VPN Popular?

It is popular because of its convenience and the features that it offers the customers. You’re at a cafe with your laptop or the airport working on your presentation, enabling Nord VPN saves you from hackers.

Nord VPN is reliable, flexible, safe, and offers the best online experience without any restrictions. Of all the VPNs available, Nord VPN offers all the features at a minimal price.

It has over 5400 servers globally, making it easier to use and switch to servers depending on what you’re browsing on the net.

How Many People Use Nord VPN?

Over 1.5 million customers are currently using Nord VPN as a protective gear for their device. The multi-device feature can be enabled at a time, which makes it one of the best VPN providers around. Global servers and dedicated IP address is something that draws customers attention to using their VPN.

Nord VPN has never ceased to provide its customers with the best of its services to date and is continuing to put in the best efforts to do the same. The growing popularity is a clear-cut sign that Nord VPN is true to its words when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Why Do Customers Like Nord VPN?

Customers incline to use Nord VPN because of the wide array of features that it puts forth and you can enjoy them by using the Nord VPN 3 year deal 

  • Double VPN – As if a single VPN is not enough to protect your online activities, Nord VPN has gone the extra mile to provide you with a double VPN to ensure double protection to your browsing and securing your data. 
  • Next-Gen Encryption – Though you might not have anything to hide, there will be details about your medical history, usernames, and passwords, or even your emails related to your work; all these have to be protected, which can only be done by using Nord VPN.
  • Automatic Kill Switch – There might be times when the internet will be slow, and you end up losing the connection to the VPN server, which means your online activities will now not be secure. To tackle this exact issue, the automatic kill switch button is present where when a connection is lost; the button automatically blocks your access to the website. 
  • Multiple servers – Some websites might not work in your country. During that time, you can switch the server to a different country and continue browsing online. 
  • Dedicated IP address – IP addresses are the ones that help in tracking your devices, but by using Nord VPN, your IP address is hidden, and you can safely download the favorite movie that you always wanted to watch for a long time. 
  • Multiple devices – Connecting the VPN to multiple devices at a time is highly beneficial as you need not wait to connect to each device every single time. This feature makes Nord VPN an excellent choice for anyone who keeps switching to multiple devices from time to time.

How Does Nord VPN Work?

All you have to do is to choose your plan and right away connect to the internet using the VPN.

But here we have a special offer which is the Nord VPN three year deal where you can save 70%, and enjoy using the VPN at a discounted rate for a complete three years.

Nord VPN 3 Year Deal

Final Words

On the whole, Nord VPN is an excellent solution if you’ve been having a hard time protecting your online activities on the internet. It is easy to use, flexible, robust, and versatile all at a low price range.

Put an end to the constant deleting your browsing history and enjoy looking up to your favorite movies or working on your business with Nord VPN. Grab the Nord VPN 3 year deal right away and enjoy safe browsing.