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[50% OFF] NordPass Review and NordPass Coupon Code: Keep Your Passwords Safe (March 2020)

NordPass makes it easy to store passwords for all websites, keep them secure, stay alert with latest threats, and all of this with a friendly interface.
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[50% OFF] NordPass Review and NordPass Coupon Code: Keep Your Passwords Safe (March 2020)

It is common for everyone to have a hard-time remembering numerous passwords which are the sole reason why many keep the same password for almost all the websites.

But how safe is it to keep the same password for everything? You see with the online world being susceptible to more online frauds and online hacks it will be easy for any hacker to get your information when you keep the same password for all the websites. 

It is one of the main reasons why many companies have come up with a password management system. All you have to do is to remember one password and this software will take care of the rest of your job.

NordVPN has come up with this password management system called the NordPass where they provide you with the best of services and aim to protect your passwords from being leaked by others.

It keeps different complex passwords for every login that you make and stores them in a secure manner. We’ll do a NordPass review and dig deeper into this what this wonderful software has to offer.

What is NordPass?

NordPass is not just software for password management. With NordPass, not only one can easily manage their passwords, but it also keeps it more secure than ever.

The beauty of it is, it works on all browsers and laptops. You can make payments more securely and also, no need to remember multiple passwords ever.

NordPass makes it all easy with a friendly interface. It is one of the best tools for managing your password.

How does NordPass keep its customers satisfied?

There are several password management systems but what makes NordPass unique is the number of features they are providing the customers.

These A1 features will have you constantly use their service for better management. Let’s discuss some of the best features in our NordPass review,

  • Security – The topmost priority is security. Passwords are meant to be kept safely. Since we have accounts on multiple websites and make bank payments for multiple occasions, it isn’t very easy for us to remember our password. To overcome this, NordPass has truly understood the difficulties people are facing hence ensures that though all the passwords are stored in their account, it is safer than ever before. There is two-level authentication and also backup in case of any loss. A master password is provided, and you need to remember only that.
  • Interface – Once to register to their account, it is easy to use due to the user-friendly interface. You can autosave the passwords, and they’re even is a biometric authorization that keeps it more secure. You have an option to generate a password when you find any difficulties keeping one. It will automatically come up with a strong password once you login to their account. 
  • Accessibility- Imagine you just had to access it sitting at your house, that would be difficult right? You might be traveling, or you might be in the office or so. To solve this problem, NordPass has made it easier for you to access it from anywhere and by using any device too. You need to go to their website and login to their account. As simple as that. No complications involved during any phases of usage at all. 
  • Support- If you come across some technical problems while accessing their website, your issue will be solved in a call. Their support team has got your back any time during inconveniences. You are free to give them a call any time of the day, and immediately your problem would be gone in the wind.


You would be thrilled to know that you can access NordPass for free that too for a lifetime. However, the restrictions are that you would be able to access one device at a time.

Multiple devices are not allowed and, you do not get to share passwords securely. But rest assured, you will be able to access it securely and manage your password throughout.

One more plan that allows you to access multiple devices is the premium plan, and you would have to pay $2.49 monthly, which includes secure sharing of the password. It is up to you to choose, but NordPass stands true to what it says.

Benefits of using NordPass

NordPass provides you with multiple benefits that no other company provides. Here we’ll look at the vast benefits offered.

  • The zero-knowledge architecture, which means it keeps your data encrypted and very hard to decrypt. 
  • There is two-factor authentication that means security is doubled. Other providers offer you just one-factor authentication, but here your security is given even more importance.
  • Authorization by biometric, which means only you can access your passwords and no one else. Not even the people close to you. This is an extra step taken to ensure your safety and protection. As you see, it’s hard to trust anyone today.
  • Password sharing feature, if you’re account is used by your family members, and instead of giving them your password every time, password sharing provides your password to the website, and it is completely safe with NordPass.

Due to all these benefits with NordPass, there are over 12 million users around the world, NordPass has been appreciated well by many users. You can see the trust people have on NordPass and you would be making the right choice by choosing them.

NordPass Review: Final Words

NordPass has served the best to its customers through this online platform and is one of the best password management system. They come together as a whole team and work together to give the best features in the market.

With NordPass, you can easily access your password from anywhere across the globe, and you no longer have to struggle to keep a strong password nor remember any. 

All your subtle information is secured to a large extent and, any issue will be solved immediately by the support team. All these advantages make it one of the leading platforms for managing the password and, we hope this NordPass review has given you more knowledge and helped you to a great extent.

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