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[66% OFF] Ownage Hosting Promo Code: Verified Discount (APRIL 2020)

Ownage Hosting is not only a great website hosting service provider but also provides services like Domain naming, Game servers, MC and MC: PE servers, virtual servers, etc.
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[66% OFF] Ownage Hosting Promo Code: Verified Discount (APRIL 2020)

Setting up one’s own Minecraft gaming server is a safe choice, but it is too pricey, time-consuming, and worrisome as the other players under your server may get kicked out if you switch off your computer for other software updates.

This is why you shall get a Minecraft server that gets hosted in the cloud to expect at least 100% uptime network guarantee and very good server reliability, such that it can be on for 24 hours, every day and keep your computer off.

Thus, an Ownage Hosting promo code can help you get by offers that will accelerate your journey to a happy gaming experience.

What is Ownage Hosting?

This company has paved its way through the years ever since 2011 to provide an exceptional form of services that are not available anywhere else. Ownage Hosting provides a budget website hosting service all over the world.

Their servers are located all over the globe on multiple continents to provide one a completely lag-free experience. The service provider doesn’t only help gamers but also offers other services like web hosting with over 4500 free templates to be used.

It also provides you with Domain names for your website that are unique. Ownage Hosting also sells Virtual Servers, Game Servers, MC and MC: PE servers. Therefore, get hold of Ownage Hosting Promo Code to get packages at the minimum rate.

Benefits of Ownage Hosting

There are several packages with various features. But first, let us stick to the basic benefits of Ownage Hosting-

  • It provides a 24/7 service with no worries about closing the computer.
  • It has a unique feature of the 1-click backup with which one can set up daily backups automatically which are run in the background while Ownage Hosting keeps your file safe 24/7.
  • You get a Plugin Installer that is integrated. Here you can search and install the plugin according to your device type and install it in 1 click.
  • You do not only get the exceptionally great services but get them at high speed. This is because of the Ownage Hosting using a very swift premium solid-state drives.
  • The Ownage Hosting puts no limitation upon your disk usage. You can utilize as much data as you want.
  • The Ownage Hosting protects all types of attacks and malware against your server automatically. The team working under Ownage hosting is dedicated to providing you with a satisfactory result every time. 

Ownage Hosting Pricing

The Ownage Hosting plan includes three types-

  • Basic Plan- HDD space of 10 Gb, 100 GB Bandwidth, unlimited number of FTP accounts, email accounts, email lists, databases, sub-domains and add ons- coming for $1.99 per month.
  • Premium Plan- HDD space of 50 GB, 1000GB bandwidth, unlimited number of FTP accounts, email accounts, email lists, Databases, Subdomains, and add ons- coming at a rate of $3.99 per month.
  • Business Plan- HDD space of 100 GB, Unlimited bandwidth, FTP accounts, Email addresses, lists, databases, subdomains, and add ons- coming at a rate of $6.99 per month.

These come with a DDOS Protection, a user-friendly website manager called Plesk Control Panel, more than 4500 free templates, and all of this coming with seven days money-back guarantee, which is if you do not like any of the services it provides.

Coming at such reasonable rates, anybody would opt for Ownage Hosting. You can get more discounts using Ownage Hosting Promo Code.

Why Do Customers like Ownage Hosting?

Customers are relentlessly using this server as they have been reaping all its benefits. The reasons for liking Ownage Hosting are as follows-

  • One does not need to keep their computer on to keep their data saved. Anytime, you can switch off the computer, and you will not need to worry about the data being saved as the server keeps all your data saved 24/7 without any loss.
  • The website hosting service provides you with various kinds of templates, about more than 4500 templates for absolutely free.
  • The packages you buy do not go to in vain for they have a 7-day return policy for which your entire money is refunded.
  • The game does not only have a server that runs 24/7 without you needing to worry about it. But also a system of backups happening in the background.
  • You also do not need to worry about disk usage. Ownage Hosting allows you to use without worrying about disk space.
  • The plugin installer is integrated with a one-click option.
  • The servers have a very high speed, causing no interruptions while playing a game or anybody trying to reach your site.

How Does Ownage Hosting Promo Code Work?

You must first know that there are plenty of Ownage Hosting promo codes.

Thus, The Ownage Hosting is not only a great website hosting service provider but also provides services like Domain naming, Game servers, MC and MC: PE servers, virtual servers, etc. The Ownage Hosting website hosting and servers are available in 

  • Montreal, Canada, NA,
  •  Paris, France, EU,
  •  Sydney, Australia, OCE,
  • Sao Paolo, Brazil, SA
  • Atlanta, US, NA.

Their server specifications are as follows:

E3, i7s or E5s, HGST Western Digital SSDs, 1000Mb connection, DDR3/DDR4 ECC RAM.

The set up begins only after the payment is made. They provide a Multicraft control panel, allowing one to get full control over your server. You can upload and manage the consoles directly from the server. Getting full FTP access helps you manage all the server files. One can also upload jar files. 

Final Words

Thus, Ownage Hosting supports all MOD-packs, as well as custom made MOD-packs. The company has successfully offered services of web hosting, game servers, Minecraft servers, Virtual servers, Domain naming, and safe and secure protection via DDOS protection 24/7.

You must go ahead and utilize Ownage Hosting promo code to get packages at almost no price at all.