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[50% OFF] Reclaim Hosting Promotional Code: Working Code (APRIL 2020)

Reclaim Hosting is an excellent solution to all the researches and educational institutions where one can provide the student with a domain name of their own for free.
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[50% OFF] Reclaim Hosting Promotional Code: Working Code (APRIL 2020)

Reclaim Hosting is unique in its way as its chief focus is on education. How does Hosting benefit the students and educators?

Reclaim Hosting has come up with innovative techniques to provide institutions to offer their students a domain name of their own where they can build their portfolio on the web or improve their technical skills and shape them for a better future with better employment opportunities.

A well-thought idea now is helping numerous students and teachers all over. We here shall see what Reclaim Hosting offers and also how to get the Reclaim hosting promotional code.

What is Reclaim Hosting?

Reclaim Hosting is purely for educational institutions and instructors. Each institution has its own set of policies and the way they provide assignments to the students differ.

So, to assist all the educational institutions, reclaim hosting goes all the way out to help them in setting up a website of their own and host it on the internet so that it can be beneficial for all the students and the faculty can also put up course materials and other informational stuff so that it can help the ones looking up to that or even the students to view their courses and assignments.

You can benefit from all of these by using the Reclaim hosting promotional code.

Benefits of using Reclaim Hosting

Reclaim offers a broad spectrum of benefits to its customers. You can get the reclaim hosting promotional code and experience the benefits. 

  • Affordable – Reclaim Hosting provide all of its features at a price very less than you would ever expect. It has already helped numerous institutions and also students because of the price range. 
  • Faster – You need not worry about any downfalls in your website. Students and educators can quickly look up to your sites without any problem. 
  • Secure – Security is leading when it comes to hosting a website and Reclaim Hostings provides main attention to the security of its customers. To date, there are no complaints regarding the safety of the sites. 
  • Benefits students – Chiefly made for students kept in mind. So, students can have their own domain name and create their portfolio or look up to others and gain more knowledge. It has immensely helped students build their websites and start a new business or purely better the experience.
  • Smooth migration – The data on the website can easily be migrated from one location to another using Reclaim Hosting. 
  • Aids better learning environments – It provides a smooth learning experience where one can store their projects or build a community of knowledgeable minds. Institutions can better their way of functioning by making the learnings digitally and providing students with online assignments or faculties who can upload their course materials.

Why is Reclaim Hosting Popular?

Reclaim Hosting is popular because it allows one to create a domain name of their own easily and assists mainly students, and researches. Institutions can provide their students with a custom domain name; it is completely automated, and also regular backups help in enjoying more features.

It is popular due to the open-source apps that are made available once the Hosting is purchased, and the constant support by the technical staff is what makes them stand out from the rest of the hosting providers. It is more prevalent among educational institutions and other researches.

How many people use Reclaim Hosting?

Reclaim Hosting is used by over 8000 customers who are currently using the shared hosting feature and also used by over 70 institutions providing the students with all they need. 

The main products that Reclaim Hosting offers are Shared Hosting, WordPress Multisite, and also Domain of one’s own. The Domain of one’s own allows the institutions to provide its students with domain names of their own. That is the reason why it is used by a majority of institutions. 

The students and the faculties experience the best of its features and are, therefore, one of the best hosting providers when it comes to education.

Why do customers like Reclaim Hosting?

Customers, mainly institutions like reclaiming Hosting because of what it offers to them and how it is beneficial to the students: Some of the key features of this Hosting are as below:

  1. Installatron Apps – Now this is something that you might not have come across in other hosting sites. You can download some of the best web applications at just your fingertips. Over 150 applications can be downloaded from this. 
  2. Custom Apps – For applications like Scalar, PressBooks, Grav, Omeka S, and much more, one can easily install custom apps on them. This feature is something that is different and confines only to reclaim hosting. 
  3. Three products – WordPress multisite, Domain of one’s own, and shared Hosting are the products offered to the customers. Depending on the plans, one can get the most benefits as it comes with daily backups, maintenance, and supports all the time. 
  4. Easy transfer of the domain name in reclaim hosting is something that customers like about Reclaim Hosting. The migration is made easier than before. 
  5. There are numerous web applications with unique themes and plugins. It does not restrict to a single web application. Instead, it offers a complete set of different applications and features where you can easily customize by using the cPanel. 
  6. Custom applications like Mukurtu, Scala, and Omeka S are provided where you can benefit from the different features within the same.


Thus Reclaim Hosting is an excellent solution to all the researches and educational institutions where one can provide the student with a domain name of their own for free. The numerous features and the benefits that are offered at an affordable price make it the best option for hosting educational sites.

It can help the students immensely in developing their skills and also in finding their identity. Faculties and researches can put up their course materials or research papers without facing any challenges as Reclaim Hosting is easy to use and safe too.

Make use of the reclaim hosting promotional code and set up the educational sites without any difficulties