Get Paid to Watch Ads – 10 Top Ways

3. InboxDollars

This website is very popular mainly because it is very easy to use. It also offers a lot of options to earn money online. You can watch videos, play games, and shop for earning money on this website.

You can just download the app and start watching videos if you are only interested in them. There are scratch cards as well for earning money. 

4. MyPoints

If you are good at reading emails this is the best way for earning money. You can also use their shopping portals for earning money.

They even have a video portal. So, there are many options for earning money. Here also you can download the video app and just use it for making a lot of money. 

5. EarningStation

If you want something more than surveys, then you can try this option. It offers several things like watch videos, shop, play games, and, print coupons. Yes, this site offers lo o things. 

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