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Use: Project Management Software


Makes it easier to organize, track, and automate workflow


Starting at just $8/month, it is an affordable solution

Easy of Use is a cloud-bases software with no learning curve

Customer Support

It offers email and phone support & tons of tutorials

Summary: is a cloud-based project management software that simplifies the way teams manage workloads and communicate.

Over the years more and more companies are realizing how essential project management software is to achieve short term and long-term business goals. Organizational goals and desired performance can be ensured by aligning project management software with the business strategy.

Platforms like this help to collaborate project teams easily which in turn results in more efficiency. Through the tools in project management software, new projects can be tackled with ease as it helps to provide a direction.

To meet the deadline for a huge project, every team member has to work day and night which in itself leads to a cycle of frustration. But project management software helps to see the bigger picture in advance which aids in keeping track of everything and prevents anything going out of control. is the best project management software that helps teams manage, plan, and track their work to obtain the best results. Let's take a look at other amazing features in our review.

Plan, run, and track remote work
in one flexible platform

Get your team remote-ready in minutes. Organize your team and understand their workload through glanceable visuals. Review Review is a work operating system that allows companies to build custom workflows to run processes, projects, and everyday work without the involvement of codes.

More than 100,000 dynamic teams use the software to collectively handle their projects. Through the software, you can create workflows in minutes that can be implemented into your daily routine.

It is an intuitive work operating system that teams can use to create transparency, adjust to shifting needs, connect collaboratively, and most importantly get rid of extra manual work. 

By using you can get your team to work from home with the remote-ready templates. It acts as your entire project’s toolkit where you can use Gantt chart, timeline, dashboards, or kanban to fit your preference.

To increase efficiency and keep all the work in one place, the platform lets you integrate your team’s existing tools such as email, spreadsheets, Zoom, Slack, and more. Pricing pricing plans are segmented into four types - Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Each of these plans can be purchased for a specific number of users, 5 to 200+. Considering the 5-users plan, the Basic one stands at $8 per month. 

The Standard and Pro stand at $10 and $16 per month respectively. To know the pricing of the Enterprise plan which includes every feature in the platform, you need to contact the sales team who will guide you on it.

If you plan to purchase any of the options yearly, you get 18% off. If we look at the broader view here, is quite affordable given that it will allow you significantly improve your project performance and increase overall work efficiency to a great extent!

Product Design and Quality is has a variety of useful features that will help to step up your project execution. Through the platform, you can get a visual display of the project, tag teams, get updates based on relevance, ensure documentation, have access to an executive board, and much more!

The software is highly flexible which allows teams to create applications that meet the specific operational requirements. It naturally modifies itself with unlimited customization options that allow you to have a familiar interface. has a variety of column options that best suits your workflow. With the People column, you can visually see what each person of the team is responsible for. The Status column allows you to keep track of everyone's tasks. You can add the due dates of your tasks through the Date column. The budget, number of hours spent or a quantity of an item can be sorted with the Numbers column.

The timeline column is the most visually appealing and useful column that helps to manage the workload in just a single screen. And of course, there are other beneficial columns like the tags, the work clock, and the rating which makes the platform a whole lot of fun! eliminates the use of long email threads and meetings that can be avoided. It acts as a centralized tool to store all the files and communication. This, in turn, makes collaboration and work management extremely easy. The Dashboard feature helps to facilitate your workflow. You can create summaries and reports on it and get a view of everything important.

Moreover, integrations with other platforms have never been easier. allows you to connect to multiple external platforms. This lets you consolidate data under one platform thereby, eliminating the frustration of managing multiple platforms. It alternates as a single source of data collection. 

Incorporating will help you to work in grids, not hierarchy. This is important because people think in grids. Completing individual tasks when you can see the bigger picture will help in organizing information in a much more efficient way, and that’s exactly what ensures.

It is a cloud-based solution that is a lot more economical than spreading your tasks on multiple platforms. It is easy to implement as it facilitates a seamless collaboration no matter where each team member is situated. Besides, the flexibility and scalability of can be vouched for, without a doubt.

Plan, run, and track remote work
in one flexible platform

Get your team remote-ready in minutes. Organize your team and understand their workload through glanceable visuals.

Pros of Using

  • Clean interface and color coding
  • Goal-setting and organizing features
  • Promotes task automation
  • Establishes a workflow
  • Allows customization to meet your needs

Cons of Using

  • Per-user pricing limits the number of people Review: Final Words

Combining workflow tools in one place helps in conducting task management, project planning, and tracking time. A project management solution like will promote team communication and data sharing with ease. It helps to keep the teams accountable for their tasks thereby, increasing productivity.

None of the team members will be unsure of what they are supposed to complete, given that this platform keeps track of every step and provide reminders to finish the required tasks. Besides, it can help to make meetings more meaningful and enjoyable.

That being said, it can be assured that is the best project management software that will help keep track of every team member’s progressed goals and in turn increase work efficiency like never before.

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