What Is a Health Insurance Premium? Everything You Need to Know

How Often Must I Pay My Premiums?

Health insurance premiums are paid every month, like clockwork. It’s best to set up a method of payment that doesn’t require any effort on your part. For example, if it’s possible, allow the insurance company to deduct their premium straight from your paycheck.

This is by far the best method of paying your premium since you won’t forget. Chances are pretty high that you have many things throughout the day that you must concentrate on. How many times have you forgotten to pay an outstanding bill?

It happens to all of us and that’s why you’ve got to set up a way to pay for your premium without thinking about it.

If you don’t get insurance through your employer, then it’s best to pay your premium using a credit or debit card. You can set it up with the insurer to pull funds directly off of your card every month without you doing anything.

It seems that every month something comes up and you always forget something. It’s not just you, everyone has this problem, and that’s why it’s best to set up automatic payments for your premiums.

If you can’t set up an automated way of paying for your premium, then you must do something to ensure that the money is paid every month. At the very least, you’ll need to set up some sort of reminder to make sure that you don’t forget.

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