10 Amazing Examples of Successful Amazon Affiliate Websites in 2020

Starting Amazon affiliate websites can be a great option for those who want to start a passive income stream that can earn good revenue without constant efforts.

Amazon is one of the most dominating and influencing e-commerce websites in recent times.

Based in Seattle, Amazon focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming and has played an essential role in bringing artificial intelligence to the forefront.

Due to its impressive progress-graph in the last few years, it is considered as one of the main four technology giants, the other three being Facebook, Google, and Apple.

In recent years, the trend of affiliate programs has gained a lot of important. Affiliate programs are one of the effective ways of earning money by referring to a website’s product on your blog or web page.

By sharing those links on your blog, you facilitate customers to visit the page and invariably, buy the product. Based on the number of customers that you direct, you get a fixed component which is known as commission.

Amazon has been known to numerous affiliate programs in the last few years, which has resulted in multiple webpages and blogs getting recognition and a hefty commission.

But before getting into the names and the nitty-gritty of some of the successful Amazon affiliate websites, it is crucial to understand the concept of Amazon affiliate websites properly.

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What Is An Amazon Affiliate Website?

In simple words, an Amazon Affiliate website is any website or web page that posts links of Amazon products on their web page that the customers can use to buy the respective product.

These links can be posted either on your website or blog and depending on the number of customers that click your link and purchase the product; Amazon decides to pay you a fixed component in the form of commission.

Amazon uses multiple methods to track the number of customers that click the link to purchase the product. These methods include using the unique code from the URL of your website or using a WordPress plugin in case you own a WordPress blog.

The Amazon affiliate program is particularly beneficial for the websites and blog pages that receive a lot of traffic and a varied audience. If you have a small website with low traffic, you should try these ad networks.

Such affiliate programs have resulted in a large number of successful affiliate websites. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and prospering Amazon affiliate websites of 2020.

1. TheWireCutter.com

TheWireCutter - Amazon affiliate Website #1

This particular affiliate website was created in the year 2011 by Brian Lam, a former Editorial Director at Gizmodo. The affiliate website has sustained its prominence for more than five years in the market. TheWireCutter specializes in extensive, deliberate research and creating detailed product reviews to help the users make the right choice.

These product reviews do not belong to a specific niche of products but are involved in a variety of categories. Due to the useful and detailed product reviews, it was supposedly acquired by The New York Times on October 2016.

The website is not only hot among the users, but it also holds a strong and stable image on various social media networking websites and applications including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

One of the main reasons for the website’s success is the quality of review that they put out. They tend to test products in a fun and creative way for intriguing users which ultimately results in the product going viral. Recently, they also expanded their website frontier by starting a site called The Sweethome, which provides quality reviews based on household products.

TheWireCutter’s monetizing strategy is practical and systematic. They mostly earn their revenue through the Amazon affiliate programs. But they also utilize other affiliate programs available in the market, such as those provided by Skimlinks.

TheWireCutter is especially useful for people who require immediate information since their product reviews contain the best products at the top along with the links to buying these products. Their in-depth reviews, actual testing methods, and accurate information make TheWireCutter one of the most successful Amazon Affiliate websites.

2. NerdWallet.com

NerdWallet - Amazon Affiliate Websites #2

NerdWallet has built a strong reputation for itself in the competitive world of affiliate websites. It has been a part of this industry for quite some time, putting out quality and creative content for the world to read. This particular affiliate website specializes in reviewing financial products. Their review content incorporates several aspects such as a mortgage, insurance, etc.

Their popularity and prominence are solely because of the content that they put out, employing an efficient marketing team and creating an effective user interface. In spite of the exceptionally competitive market, Nerdwallet enjoys popularity on several social media websites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Their monetizing strategy is not very complicated since Nerdwallet is 100% an affiliate website. Besides creating good content, it makes use of essential SEO techniques and chooses creative keywords to attract traffic towards their reviews.

3. LuciesList.com

Lucie's List Amazon Affiliate Success

Lucie’s List is one of the most sought-after affiliate websites in the market due to its creative and quality content. The site utilizes a silo structure which categorizes their content and uses some most popular keywords to gain more traffic.

The site is also known for its efficient marketing team that has used various techniques to put the website on the map and gain popularity on specific social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Lucie’s note initially became famous for its newsletter called “Crib Notes” which the people could subscribe by providing information such as their name, email, baby’s due date, etc. This information was solely used to provide more relevant content for the visitors to view.

The content on the website is extremely versatile, informative and useful for women during the different stages of puberty. It provides information as well as buying guides regarding the products to be purchased during events such as baby showers, etc. or in the case of twins, etc.

Apart from the “Crib Notes”, various product reviews are available on the Gear Guides page of the website.

Lucie’s list’s monetizing strategy includes affiliate programs of Amazon, Diapers.com, Giggle and many more. The primary tactic that the website uses to put out quality, informative, and accurate information to the public through its product reviews. The site refrains from advertisements and is restricted only to affiliate programs to gain revenue.

4. GearPatrol.com

Gear Patrol Amazon Affiliate Site

GearPatrol has created a standing for itself in the market by providing creative, intriguing and exciting product reviews in their content. The uniqueness of the website lies in how the content seems more like a magazine rather than a stereotypical product review.

Their content showcases the amount of effort and research that goes into it rather than just putting together a few statements for the public to read.

Unlike frequent product reviews that contain long paragraphs and content, this site provides videos and a simple layout for the people to see and arrive at a suitable consensus. These videos contain people testing the product and its effectiveness. This tactic alone is responsible for bringing in about 2.3million reviews per month.

By using the tactic of including product testing videos in their content, the site is building long0-lasting relationship and trust with their viewers. These recurrent views also play a significant role in increasing the commission that Amazon provides in its affiliate programs.

Apart from this, the review articles are brief and to the point, including not more than 100-150 words. So, for people who require quick information, Gearpatrol.com is the site worth visiting.

5. MoneySavingExpert.com

Money Saving Expert Success Story

MoneySavingExpert, developed by Martin Lewis, a financial journalist, in 2003, is one of the most popular and established consumer affiliate websites in the market, particularly in the UK. The site provides essential information to visitors to help them make critical financial decisions.

The site is specifically known for its creative and unconventional content as opposed to the stereotypical content published on other websites. This is one of the many reasons why Moneysavingexpert.com is different from its contemporaries.

The site has also gained a considerable about of popularity on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Unlike many others that use advertisements, this website is purely monetized by affiliate programs.

Moneysavingexpert.com utilizes various affiliate programs, including the one provided by Amazon and hence, offers its visitors to several different retailers to choose from.

The site provides information on the cheapest products, bestselling products, various calculators such as the loan calculator, mortgage calculator and a list of coupons to get the commission from each customer that they generate.

6. OutdoorGearLab.com

Outdoor Gear Lab

OutdoorGearLab has been in this competitive market since 2010 and is considered to be one of the most popular, trusted and dominating product review websites. Like few others in the market, OutdoorGearLab’s reviews do include actual, intensive testing of the product before putting the review out there.

The site has a professional and straightforward layout with tonnes of different categories to choose from. Once you select a type of product, the content that appears is quite elaborate and informative. So, the website isn’t just an e-commerce platform.

The review of every product has a basic skeleton containing five different URLs. The first page includes an overview of the topic, table of contents and detailed reviews of the top 5 products in the market.

The second page comprises of the ratings alongside the full list of products the choose from. The third page provides a comparison between the price and the actual value of the product, whereas the fourth page provides buying advice to the public. The last page is the most interesting page which contains the real testing of the product.

The monetizing strategy makes it different from its contemporaries. They do not overuse affiliate links to earn more money. Instead, the affiliate links for purchasing the product are hard to find. If you click the product name on the review page, it provides you with additional information rather than leading you to the affiliate link directly.

Apart from this, the website uses a plethora of different affiliate programs. They provide different retailer options for visitors to choose from. They are more content-driven rather than money-driven, which is evident from the quality of content that they produce in their product review. All these reasons make Outdoor Gear lab one of the most sought-after review websites in the market.

7. DatingAdvice.com

Dating Advice

DatingAdvice is one of the most unconventional affiliate websites present not only on the list but also in the market. The dating niche is a widely-growing and prospering culture. However, the niche is also known to incorporate sleazy and scamming websites.

DatingAdvice.com, however, stands apart from its contemporaries and is essential, a breath of fresh air in this chaotic culture. Its primary goal is to provide expert advice with a particular emphasis on answering several different questions to bring the concept of dating to the forefront.

The website’s primary goal is to normalize the concept of dating by improving their visitors’ dating skills and providing them with the best dating websites to fulfill their needs. The website earns most of its money by recommending various dating websites like eHarmony and match through their dating reviews. They also gain a small chunk of revenue by sponsoring multiple posts on their website.

8. BestReviews.com

BestReviews is one of the most popular affiliate websites known mainly for its simplicity and professionalism. Unlike many others, this review website believes in quality over quantity by reviewing fewer products creatively and accurately.

Apart from the written content, their reviews also include videos showcasing people testing the products. This is one of the contributing factors in making Best Reviews.com a leading Amazon affiliate website. This tactic helps build a strong client relationship which leads to several people consistently viewing the website for reviews.

As mentioned above, what sets the website apart from other review websites and provides them leverage is the videos and pictures included in their content. The company also buys the product rather than acquiring it free of cost to give the review a more realistic look.

Due to their honest and trustworthy reviews, the site receives approximately 3.30M visits per month and keeps sit at the top of the game.

9. TopTenReviews.com

TopTenReviews.com Review

This affiliate website that came into the forefront in 2003 has been in the market for quite some time, possessing a significant domain authority and relevance in the industry. TopTenReviews has been known to contribute a considerable amount of content to the online community and employs more than 350 employees.

Their content contains long, eye-catching and intriguing review articles that primarily utilize the SEO technique of digital marketing. One of the significant differences between TopTenReviews.com and other affiliate websites is the amount of versatility that their content shows.

 Their review articles range from Antivirus software to credit card processing. Even though these products do not belong to the stereotypical Amazon Niche, there are various other affiliate programs to choose from, and this is the tactic that TopTenReviews.com primarily utilizes.

The website’s monetizing strategy includes utilizing the affiliate programs provided not only by Amazon but others as well. Due to their efficiency in contributing content, the number of visitors that the site receives per month is approximately 12.80Million.

10. SnapSort.com

SnapSort.com Amazon Affiliate Success

SnapSort has gained a significant amount of recognition in the last few years owing to the unconventional content that they publish on their websites. Unlike most sites, Snapsort is more data-driven and believes entirely in statistics of the products.

This makes their content short and accurate, providing quick information to the visitors. From the name, it suggests that the website in digital camera reviews and comparisons.

Their content strategy, as mentioned above, includes gathering relevant information and features of various digital cameras available in the market and use this data to carry out suitable side-by-side comparisons. This is a different approach from the long-form and elaborate reviews posted on other websites.

Snapshot strives to be different from the rest of the websites by keeping their content short, accurate and providing comparisons based on various features to the visitors to help them make a better choice.

This technique is an excellent way of comparing technology. The website has a simple structure, is easier to navigate and contains a “popular recommendations” page to help the visitors find what they are looking for. 

Apart from its statistical data approach, the website also provides an option to translate the data into six different languages and can convert the given process of products into 11 different currencies.

This is one of the most effective ways of attracting a varied audience. The site also provides three various retailers to choose from including Amazon by displaying the affiliate links on their webpage. You can see various retailers to choose from including Amazon by displaying the affiliate links on their webpage.
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Affiliate programs are an essential method of earning revenue, especially for review websites and blog pages. There are a variety of affiliate programs to choose from based on the type of products that the site is reviewing.

Amazon affiliate program is one of the best programs in the market due to the variety of products and services that it sells on its platform.

It also offers a good amount to the websites depending on the number of customers that buy the product by clicking on the links published by the affiliated sites. It provides a useful platform for websites and blogs to grow monetarily.

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