EasyVSL Review 2020: The Best Video Sales Letter Creator

EasyVSL helps to make video sales letters as efficiently as possible. Continue reading our unbiased EasyVSL review to know all the important details about this amazing software.

Review of: EasyVSL

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Affordable video sales letter creator software

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Summary: EasyVSL is useful and even a lifesaver for individuals who do not want to face the camera. Using EasyVSL, you can create attention-grabbing marketing videos in minutes.

Video sales letter creators are software that has been in demand as of late. In the world of marketing, few other tools have been as popular as video sales letters. Simply put, it is the video format of a print sales letter. Nowadays, people look to sell a large number of things and having a video sales letter helps.

The software is popular now because we do not like to read about tons of information to make decisions. By using this software, you can turn in a better conversion rate.

So, let’s take a look at all the reasons why EasyVSL.com is the best video sales letter creator.

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Unbiased EasyVSL Review

EasyVSL Review Demo

Mark Thompson and Matt Cullen were responsible for creating EasyVSL.com. The software runs on Mac as well as PCs. With EasyVSL, you will be able to create a video sales letter by following a few easy steps. The software can create an impact on a business in a positive way. What makes this software special and marketable is the pace at which it works and its efficiency.

Naturally, when people look for know-how about EasyVSL, it is for their very own business venture. Others seek their services because they are having a hard time in the marketing sector. In that sense, EasyVSL acts as a catalyst for business ventures.

For now, the primary job of EasyVSL is to make promotional activities easier with unique videos. The software is based on Adobe Air and makes creating text slides look easy. As previously mentioned, the software is well-known for being fast. For instance, users can make videos in a very short time that is, under half an hour.

This goes without saying but, there is no way to write the same amount of information using conventional methods. The software converts all of the written texts to slides. Furthermore, you will be given a chance to add graphics along with it. As a result, the end-product is bound to be much better compared to PowerPoint slides.

EasyVSL is useful and even a lifesaver for individuals who do not want to face the camera. This software presents an escape route to them by helping to create a VSL while staying away from the camera. When it comes down to working on VSL, you will need to put in very little effort. After all, the big work you need to do is the point and click while typing in a few sentences.

What this means is, there is hardly any need for you to be an expert on computers. At the same time, you need to at least have the primary knowledge of using one.


The software is priced at $67 for starters and then proceeds to charge $9.99 every month. There is another option available where you can make a yearly payment of $167.

Additionally, the software comes with upsells as well.

Product Design and Quality

Nowadays, it takes very little effort to make a generic sales video. However, if you want to make a premium-grade video to upload it, you will make an effort that counts. With the EasyVSL software, you can create videos that generate the necessary traffic to a product. Besides, the software is adept at effortlessly turning traffic into buyers.

This software is designed to get your videos ranked and can convert them at a very high rate. EasyVSL comes off as easy to people who have experience with sales video marketing. So, these experienced people can save their valuable time by using the software.

However, it does not mean that newcomers will have a really hard time. Using the software for the first time can be a fun learning experience for a relatively new marketer. One of the biggest takeaways from this experience is to use time properly.

There are many interesting features of this software that some may come across for the very first time. One such feature is the automatic slide creation that puts your texts up and lets you write with thirty-plus fonts. Moreover, you do not need a manual job to create the slides since EasyVSL can do it for you. The job for this software is made easier by 25 in-built templates.

If you are looking to add photos and graphics then let the drag and drop editor help you. You may even include audio files to your project with just a click. In addition, you can publish your video with any quality you prefer. So, it is clear that using EasyVSL takes an instinctive approach to fully reap the rewards of digital marketing. 

Now, if you are looking to make the most out of an audio file you can turn to EasyVSL. This software detects a speech as soon as you upload the audio file. After that, the software converts the file into texts while it creates all the video slides. The software can even match the slides with the audio file without any error.

So, what you need to do is, upload that sales letter text to the software. EasyVSL will start creating the slides as soon as you upload it. Afterward, you can upload the audio file that contains your voice recording of the sales letter. The software takes little time to match them with the text.

With EasyVSL around, the role of a recording software has become even more important. If you have good recording software, you can use it to make a recording of your sales letter.

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Pros of Using EasyVSL

  • Translates languages with a click
  • Contains premium-grade customized fonts
  • Syncs voices in an instant
  • User-friendly software that can be deployed
  • Provides high-quality security

Cons of Using EasyVSL

  • Impossible to create a customized background

EasyVSL Review: Final Thoughts

EasyVSL is worth every penny you spend and then some. Not only are you going to get additional themes and graphics but an agency as well. 

With that being said, this is a video sales letter software that had been built specifically for marketers. So, if you have even a slight interest in it, try it out.

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