WebinarIgnition Review 2020: Your Solution to Creating Profitable Webinars

Updated to the latest tech but still behind on your career. Webinars could be your scope and webinar management by WebinarIgnition is probably what could save you from drowning. Read complete WebinarIgnition review to find out more.

Use: Webinar WordPress Plugin


Host unlimited webinar with unlimited attendees


One-time payment starting at just $97

Easy of Use

No learning curve involved & super easy

Customer Support

24/7 professional support

Summary: Run engaging, high-converting live webinar. Or create evergreen webinars that run 24/7 on your website and sales funnels. WebinarIgnition makes it all possible for a one-time fee.

We all indeed feel threatened by modern society. With the continuous rise of technology, we try learning and relearning somewhat of the latest tech so that our business doesn't dive. 

What you need are customers sitting in their unicorn onesies hearing your voice, and not just a tacky one where you've approached your viewers and they cross the window after 10 minutes of hearing about your service and then just forgetting after you're done. The reason they've ignored you is that they haven't considered your ideas professional or important. And that's where webinar management platforms come in.

A webinar platform doesn't simply let your imagination do the talking, it puts you in the right place of your viewer’s screen, along with your soon to be sold artifact, and convinces your viewer’s conscience to simply push the button and buy your Chinese monk artifact.

We as business-minded folks ourselves have looked into contemporary webinar platforms and found ones aimed at teaching online classes and ones that help professional sellers in their marketing ventures.

And with a good price, we've chosen for you WebinarIgnition.

WebinarIgnition Review

WebinarIgnition Review Demo

As you've guessed, Webinarignition is a business-oriented platform. You create webinars that they send throughout your community and all you have to do is talk while they persuade your viewers to take action.

Webinarignition is like any other plugin of WordPress. You install it to your WordPress site while they send your network links about your upcoming ventures, and also with their great visuals, display you as a corporate friend who cares for what they need. For your help the Webinarignition shows only a dashboard to manage your services, design templates, registration pages, thank you displays with extra notifications and settings you'd like.


As you've understood, the WebinarIgnition is a plugin for a WordPress site. So you get to pay for it only once when purchasing it. For your convenience, they have three different packages suitable for the design of your sales - Basic, PRO, and Enterprise.

If you're an offline small-time businessperson more accustomed to manual selling, you could try the basic package that includes installing their site for only your use. Unlike other platforms that hide all their serving for the premium packages, WebinarIgnition offers you customized page templates along with detailed registration and statistical analytics. The Basic pack comes at a small value of $97.

The Pro pack is constructed with large-scale businesses in mind and offers installation in 3 personal sites, and the chance to live as well as automated webinars, after the basic services. You can sign up for their Pro pack at a one-time purchase of $197.

Their hardcore pack is the Enterprise pack that targets online managers and sellers who require unlimited personal sites for their corporation. They have held on to their user necessity and sell this for their best value of $297.

Build and Design

The team at WebinarIgnition is dedicated to giving you a professional look while you host you to virtually showcase your services. Their convertible templates include various models and have the advantage of being customized if you'd like to add a little more pizzazz.

As you start hosting your conference, you have to input your webinar name, title, and hostname on top of their given examples. There are options for scheduling event dates and times when you have this brilliant idea of making this awesome contest. You can also refer to your country's time unless you're okay with their default settings. 

As for approaching your potential customers, you will be able to add a raw HTML version of your option code to create forms just like WordPress does. Send your link to friends, family, your entire network on LinkedIn and your ant family, and ask them to register.

They'll get to register with the help of Facebook or by using their email and a password. WebinarIgnition is integrated with several email senders like AWeber, iContact, GetResponse, Mail Chimp and many more to send emails to your network to send time limits, countdowns, events timings and other notifications such as the starting of your webinar. 

If you want to bug, your customers, even more, send them text messages from your Twilio account at the cost of pennies! As soon as they click a link you send, they’ve automatically subscribed to your webinar. 

So, when do you get to earn? First of all, you can charge fees to your groups for attending your campaigns.

And if you're trying to make your viewers make a purchase as they watch your video, make and send a cool pop-up screen under your video with a push button that gets them to make a purchase.

I'm pretty sure most people have PayPal and Google Checkout, if not WebinarIgnition’s other modes of transaction.

Create Better Webinars without Monthly Fees

WebinarIgnition is the most flexible platform for creating professional live & automated webinar funnels.

Pros of Using WebinarIgnition

  • Works with Google Hangout, Livestream and Ustream
  • Widget for webinar registration can be added to page/post
  • Lifetime updates and support
  • Monitor unique visitor using Live Webinar Console
  • Unlimited live visitors and webinars

Cons of Using WebinarIgnition

  • No option for a hybrid mixes of automated and live webinar

WebinarIgnition Review: Final Verdict

The WebinarIgnition is a revolutionary platform for hosting webinars. There may be platforms with hundreds of designs, but each design by WebinarIgnition is polished and suits different personalities. 

Among the packs by WebinarIgnition, I’d recommend the Pro pack if you're a small-time businessperson. It holds the advantage of conducting automated webinars and I'm never in the mood for live ones. 

In conclusion, as an official with business goals myself, WebinarIgnition is an ideal choice. And if you think their price is a lot for a small business, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you're backed up. 

Now you don't have to worry who's gonna have the time to look at you and hear what you want to say with your goofy nose and your bucket of sleeping handcrafted artifacts.

You need to be super good-looking for people to notice you or someone or something to push you into the limelight. And that something is WebinarIgnition.

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