Aweber Review (2020): The Simplest Yet Powerful Email Marketing Service

Review of: AWeber

Use: Email Marketing Service


Offers every email marketing feature you could ask for


There are fixed pricing plans based on number of subscribers

Easy of Use

Straightforward, clean, and intuitive UI makes it easy to get started

Customer Support

24/7 professional support using live chat, phone, or tickets

Summary: AWeber provides you with many features such as autoresponders, integrations, sign-up forms, subscriber segmenting, email newsletter, email spilled testing, customer support, blog newsletters, and many more. The pricing is super affordable even for beginners.

In this day and age, people are susceptible to marketing strategies that involve digital communication.

Email marketing is a tool that uses electronic mail to reach a huge number of audiences by sending commercial and fundraising messages.

The idea is to build a relationship between the business and the existing or previous customers so that they involve in repeat purchases.

To do so, all you have to do is gather a list of contacts you want to engage in communication with and create persuasive messages to build their interest and gain their trust.

AWeber is an email marketing software tool that is extremely easy to use due to its simplistic features. It is better than its competing email marketing services because it ensures to simplify its processes for people who are new at this. 

If that's not enough, they are affordable to a point that you will question their service. But that's the beauty of AWeber, it provides extremely easy-to-use tools at the best price.

Let's start with our detailed AWeber review now.

Stress-Free Email Marketing Software Designed to Help Your Business Grow

AWeber is the only all-in-one email marketing tool that you'll ever need. It's easy to use and 90% of task can be automated, so that you can focus on other vital areas.

AWeber Review

Aweber Free Trial & Aweber Review

AWeber is an email marketing platform that allows around 120,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses to form and send emails to the customers they love. This, in turn, creates a relationship with the former or current customers which helps the business to grow in the long run.

AWeber creates remarkable experiences for its users by building a platform that is easy to use. It executes all the projects they get into with passion while providing value to its customers. The main focus of this email marketing service platform is to build relationships with people in a way that promotes a smooth transition from a first-time visitor to a loyal customer.  

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, simplicity and affordability play a huge role when it comes to executing marketing strategies.


AWeber delivers 3 pricing plans for its users: Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual.

The Monthly Plan stands at the rate of only $19. The Quarterly and Annual Plans stand at $49 and $194, respectively.

All the plans include features such as unlimited emails, analytics, automating and segmenting, and customer service 7-days a week. The icing on the cake is that they offer all these features and more from day 1, even during the 30-day free trial period (if that’s what you want to opt for before the purchase).

It doesn’t get better than this. Does it? All these plans are tailored towards the duration you would want to continue with the marketing strategy. 

But who are we kidding? When it comes to small businesses, there’s always room for growth and customer base expansion. Consequently, any plan will be suitable for you if you are an entrepreneur. 

Product Design and Quality

AWeber Review - Analytics

AWeber has a variety of features that makes the email marketing service user-friendly. With its smart designer feature, you can build incredible-looking branded templates for the emails in just a few seconds.

The marketing platform consists of a pre-built template library from where you can choose email templates that is in sync with the product.

Moreover, it has a landing page designer which saves you from writing even a line of code. The Drag and Drop email creation is as easy as it can get.

To make it more effortless for you, AWeber has campaign automation through which you can set automated emails to be sent to a mailing list at certain intervals as per your preference. This feature lets you send the right message to the right customer at the right time, and in turn, saves you a lot of time!  

The deliverability of AWeber is top-notch. This email marketing service ensures that the email hits the inbox as they control it till the last destination.

You can check the performance of the audience reach through pre-built reports which gives you simple and significant insight into the campaign performance. 

AWeber ensures easy subscriber management which is very essential for email marketing strategy. You do not want to add people to your mailing list who are not likely to end up being loyal customers.

It allows quick segmentation and targeting that helps you to build the mailing lists of contacts that will involve in growing your business. 

Furthermore, AWeber assists in connecting your email marketing programs to other business systems. Through this, you can quickly integrate your marketing platform into shopping carts, landing pages, and social media. And that, without a doubt increases the probability of obtaining a larger audience reach.

Not trying to stress on it too much but AWeber has got excellent customer service. A team of customer solution specialists is available 24/7 to answer all your queries from generic to complex ones.

But as we already have an idea by now, there's nothing complex about AWeber. You have to try it yourself to find out, but it is indeed the simplest marketing service platform out there.

Stress-Free Email Marketing Software Designed to Help Your Business Grow

AWeber is the only all-in-one email marketing tool that you'll ever need. It's easy to use and 90% of task can be automated, so that you can focus on other vital areas.

Pros of Using AWeber

  • Simple to create and deliver
  • Offers over 150 customizable templates
  • Maximum mail delivery results
  • Easy management and tracking system
  • All-year-round live user support

Cons of Using AWeber

  • Does not support videos in the emails

Final Words

The last thing a small business owner needs is to deal with complex marketing strategies to reach a larger group of audience. 

AWeber provides an outstanding service of converting your one-time customers to devoted ones. The combination of an easy-to-use interface and powerful features makes it stand out among its competitors. Their services are operated by secure and reliable systems.

Besides, their lightning-fast responders are commendable. It takes only a few seconds for your customers' information requests to be answered. 

Considering all the aspects above, we can surely conclude that AWeber is a highly affordable and simplistic approach for any small business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers to grow their brand and business with ease.

So get a hold of one of their payment plans today, and build a relationship with customers to expand your business!

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