Fiverr Review 2020: Should You Buy from World’s Biggest Online Gig Platform?

Review of: Fiverr

Use: Online Gig Marketplace


You can hire someone talented for every task imaginable


Pricing starts at just $5 per gig due to heavy competition

Easy of Use

The UI is easy to browse and takes no time to learn & order

Customer Support

Professional 24/7 professional support to help you

Summary: Fiverr is the most efficient online marketplace that offers you value for money! From designing to voice over, content writing to modeling, you can hire any talent to help your business grow at a fraction of cost.

E-commerce sites have become a vital part of growing businesses, whether small or big. The concept is pretty simple. The online marketplace acts as a mediator through which customers place orders that are fulfilled by specific retailers or wholesalers.

Platforms like this allow users to register and sell single to many items in return for a post-selling fee. Their task is to present other people's inventory to the customer and assist the transaction.

This is a great way to grow your business because customers do not like purchasing from a single retailer. They like to be offered with multiple options that an online marketplace delivers.

Fiverr is such an online marketplace for freelancers that make it extremely easy for users to come across freelancers for a wide range of services at a highly affordable price. 

Find The Perfect Freelance Services For Your Business

No matter what your needs are, there's someone one Fiverr that can complete it for as low as $5. Get started today!

Fiverr Review

Fiverr Review

Let’s brush through how Fiverr works. At this platform, a freelancer can create a statement also known as a "gig", mentioning what services they are offering at the rate of $5 to $995. In the gig title, the freelancer specifies the service in brief along with the duration they need to complete and deliver the service.

There are additional features they can offer for an extra price. This provides the client's options to choose from and prevents them from selecting services without selecting unnecessary elements.  

After the completion of the task, it is submitted to the client and the freelancer awaits the client’s review. If no changes are to be made depending on the terms and conditions, the service is marked complete by the client.

Finally, Fiverr releases the payment to the freelancer after deducting a 20% charge. Also, if the client does not mark the service complete within 3 days of submission, it is automatically marked complete in the system and the payment is released to the freelancer.  

Fiverr has a level system for the freelancers segmented into four levels. The first tier is the New Seller which is where a freelancer starts. Next is the Level One Seller which can be reached by the seller only after 60 days, given that they have completed at least 10 gigs with a high level of satisfaction.

Level Two Seller is reached after 120 days and a completed list of 50 highly-rated gigs. Finally, the Top-Rated Seller clearly shows that they are the most reliable with an experience of over 120 days with highly satisfied clients for at least 100 gigs.

This level system is beneficial for the buyers because the higher level freelancers are more experienced and trustworthy than those at the lower levels, which helps the clients to decide the level of expertise required to complete the service.  

Product Design & Quality:

Fiverr has a comprehensive feature set that ensures confidentiality and a great value for money. The services offered by Fiverr are categorized to tailor the needs of specific customers. Clients can easily navigate through the user-friendly website to look into sub-categories and select the services they want to avail of.

What’s amazing about this online marketplace platform is that it offers extremely low fees that allow anyone to hunt for freelance work. 

The platform is segregated in a way that allows customers to look at pertinent details about the freelancers such as feedback, ratings, and completed gigs before they place an order for service.

Also, it ensures that the personal details are concealed at all times which gives both the parties, clients, and freelancers the confidence that their financial details are not subjected to any sort of exposure.

The platform is extremely transparent that lets clients have easy access to the freelancers’ profiles so that they can decide if they want to hire a particular freelancer for their required service or not. The potential freelancer’s profile provides a glimpse of the service the client might receive. 

Popular professional services that Fiverr is known for include site customization, brand logo design, audience engagement, and social media growth. The website portrays a variety of projects made by experienced freelancers at Fiverr, which will inspire you to get into business with them and in turn, grow your brand and business.

Do you want to build a strong brand? Grow with digital marketing? Or create a website from scratch? Fiverr provides you the platform to do it all at an affordable rate. The basic service starts at only $5!

When you are buying or selling services through an online platform it’s essential to have the confidence that your business is at the right hands. Fiverr, by no means falls short in that section as well. A shared dashboard lets you track your team’s or freelancer’s activity to make sure that everyone is synchronized.

Besides, the Fiverr customer support is amazing with their quick response time and on the spot solutions to any query or difficulty you face. The platform indeed is a know-it-all in the form of an online marketplace.

Find The Perfect Freelance Services For Your Business

No matter what your needs are, there's someone one Fiverr that can complete it for as low as $5. Get started today!

Pros of Using Fiverr

  • Broad choice of gigs to select from
  • Highly affordable
  • Extremely simple process to just choose, order and pay
  • Always defends the buyer if they are not satisfied with the service
  • VIP customer support

Cons of Using Fiverr

  • Difficult to get the first few gigs (as a freelancer)

Final Words

Online marketplaces are a great way to conduct small businesses without having to deal with the overhead costs. At Fiverr, as a freelancer, you can complete basic tasks with creativity, with no mandatory technical skills. 

This way, you can get paid for the things you love to do. And if you have creative ideas, you can end up earning a lot more than you think you would. In case you are a buyer, you get a variety of services to choose from at a very reasonable price.

It's all about a starting price of just $5. It does not get better than that. Does it? 

That being said, we believe that anyone who's looking for a brand, business, or work-related service, should check out Fiverr and get themselves a gig done. We are positive that the service will make you come back for more!

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