HostPapa Review 2020: The Most Reliable Web Host for Beginners

Review of: HostPapa

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With 99.99% uptime guarantee, your site will be always online


The plans start at just $2.95/month + a free domain name

Easy of Use

CPanel makes it extremely easy to manage everything

Customer Support

24/7 professional support with instant reply

Summary: Start your online business with a host that doesn't cost a leg and arm but also promises high-quality service. Starting at just $2.95/mo with our VIP discount, HostPapa is the host, to begin with. You also get a free domain name and ability to host unlimited sites.

Have you exhausted all your options to settle for a web hosting service provider that is reliable enough for your business? A web host is in charge of keeping your website up and running while protecting it from malevolent attacks!

It provides you web space on the internet where you can store all your assets and databases. For your website server to keep operating continuously, you need to pay the web host regularly. Therefore, it’s pertinent that you choose a website and a hosting plan that fits your needs perfectly.

HostPapa is an authentic web host in which the customer service cares to respond through fast replies, phone calls, and live chats! What more could you ask for?

To trust a web hosting service provider enough that they would ensure instant technical support is very challenging. And that's exactly what's HostPapa is known for.

Through HostPapa, you can finally relax and let your website be accessible to anyone on the internet. If that's not enough, you can create your website and customize away!

Get your website, email and business online today!

Start your own website and take your business online with a few-clicks at just $2.95/month. Use the special discount now!

HostPapa Review

HostPapa Review

HostPapa is a privately owned web hosting company that delivers virtual private server hosting as well as reseller and shared ones. It distinguishes itself from other web hosting service providers through its beginner-friendly tools and its global reach.

It promotes Green hosting which incorporates eco-friendly technologies such as wind energy to decrease environmental impact. That is, it buys renewable energy credits to counterbalance its energy usage. 

Besides, it's a globally focused web hosting service provider as they cater to their contribution towards an international audience. Its customer base is always satisfied due to the host’s multi-lingual attribute that allows even non-English speakers to obtain the required support.

HostPapa Pricing

Currently, HostPapa is offering monthly discount deals on the Starter Package, the Business Package, and the Pro Business Package.

 The Starter Package and the Business Package stand at only $2.95 a month with a discount of 63% and 77% respectively, both of which include free domain registration and unmetered bandwidth. 

The difference is that the Starter Package comprises of two websites and 100GB of SSD storage as opposed to unlimited options under the Business Package. 

Last but certainly not least is the Business Pro Package that stands at $11.95 a month with a discount of 40%, which allows unlimited options for all the mentioned features.

All the packages are tailored towards a specific customer base and the deals should be availed to start the smooth launch of blogs, websites, and small businesses.

Product Design and Quality

HostPapa probably has every feature a small business website launch needs and more. It’s a budget-friendly green host that is oriented towards beginners.

Through this web host, not only can you launch your customized domain, but you can also build your website with their website builder that provides you an array of themes to choose from and get it up in a jiffy.

What makes it stand out to beginners is its easy-to-use tools and apps that give you full control over how you want your website to be portrayed. It merely takes a few minutes to get your website and e-mail up and running. Besides, the website builder does not require any designers or programmers because the features they offer are good enough to customize the network.

It ensures superior website performance for visitors by combining different servers’ content delivery networks. Moreover, it offers essential small business tools such as WordPress and Joomla through which you can install over 400+ apps with just one click, that too for free! 

While looking for a web hosting service provider, we essentially hope to find one that ensures extremely fast performance and that’s exactly what HostPapa can be vouched for. It guarantees excellent website loading time with a performance boost of up to 300% with the help of low-density premium servers.

If that's not enough, the host confirms that your website is available and accessible whenever required with a 99.9% uptime. 

That being said, protection from mishaps is one of HostPapa’s topmost priorities. It keeps all your information safe from identity thieves and hackers with Domain Privacy protection. It also lets you automatically scan your website regularly for potential threats from hackers.

Moreover, if any probable disasters were to happen in case of mistakes, the web host uses an automated backup system to successfully restore the previous versions of your websites.

To sum it, HostPapa has industry-leading protection technology that protects your reputation, ensures automatic malware removal, and keeps your website devoid of any threats. 

Get your website, email and business online today!

Start your own website and take your business online with a few-clicks at just $2.95/month. Use the special discount now!

Pros of HostPapa

  • Great coherent website builder
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Multi-language customer assistance
  • Outstanding website security tools
  • One of the cheapest green hosting

Pros of HostPapa

  • Database backups are not included in lower-priced plans

Final Words

With as many high-performance features that HostPapa delivers, you cannot find another one at such a budget-friendly rate. HostPapa is ideal for beginners which is why their unrealistic deals make so much sense.

If you want to put up a blog or a website for a small business, you would certainly hope to find a host that not only provides maximum security but is also affordable enough for you to launch your domain. 

Furthermore, their international reach through the multi-language support system is only what a few customers can hope for thereby, making this particular host stands out among the rest. HostPapa ensures reliability in the form of security, high-performance, and customer support.  

Because of all the stated aspects, we can certainly conclude that HostPapa is the most reliable web hosting service provider for beginners.

Not only does it include features exceeding the standards, but it also delivers them at a very low price. So go ahead and purchase one of their plans today to portray your website or business to the internet world!

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