Liquid Web Review 2020: Fast, Managed Hosting for Growing Businesses

Review of: Liquid Web

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You get industry-leading 99.998% uptime guarantee


Value for money hosting that removes all the hassle

Easy of Use

User interface is intuitive and everything is managed

Customer Support

24/7 professional support with a 59 seconds response time

Summary: If you need a robust, reliable solution that’s backed up with solid service, legendary, around-the-clock customer support, and lots of extensibility to grow, Liquid Web is likely a great hosting choice. ​Click below to get extra 50% OFF for 3 months.

Online businesses and web hosting go hand in hand. When you digitally carry out a business, it is pertinent that the website is accessible 24/7 on the web.

Web hosting platforms play a vital role here by maintaining the server, troubleshooting, keeping the software and hardware up to date, and a lot more. Through the assistance of a web host, the particular website will automatically perform better with assured uptime constantly. 

Web hosting refers to the web space you buy to store a website's files. High-performing web hosting is pivotal to a website's success. When you're building a website, you must prioritize choosing a web host that is secure and reliable. 

Even if the web hosting you choose is expensive, it should be considered as an investment towards your business. While you tick off all the checkpoints that meet your ideal web hosting platform, security should have the most weight.

Liquid Web is undoubtedly the most secure web host out there with its commendable security features that will save your website from malware, spyware, and viruses.

Super fast performance, with great flexibility for unbelievable prices!

With Liquid Web Hosting, you get it all: power, performance and flexible pricing. Expand your online business now.

Liquid Web Review

Liquid Web Review

Liquid Web is a leading web hosting company in the market. They ensure high geared services to support your website or web app. They manage every aspect of your website which saves you from handling even the slightest technicalities.

It offers fully managed services that keep your website running. If you are looking for a steadfast managed hosting solution, Liquid Web does an excellent job of ensuring 100% network and persistent uptime for your website.

It is the ultimate hosting platform for cloud professionals such as developers, designers, and agencies, who want to grow their business through websites or apps.

Liquid Web has been ranked number 1 for the title of Dedicated Servers by because they provide full-fledged services to their customers in terms of performance and security. 

The hosting services that Liquid Web offers are efficient for well-known apps such as WordPress and WooCommerce. You’ll receive a custom panel to manage multiple sites through a managed hosting plan.

What’s favorable is that all the plans are highly flexible and reliable therefore, it allows you to run your sites and apps void of any traffic limits. Hosting through Liquid Web is highly secure because their team is on-site at the data centers 24/7, 365 days, monitoring your server constantly.

Besides, Liquid Web offers multiple server protection packages that include routine scans for vulnerable points, anti-virus tools, malware clean up, hardened server configuration, and more. Utilizing such packages will provide you peace of mind and you can finally focus on growing your business. 

Product Design and Quality

Liquid Web offers highly useful services and products that can cater to your specific area of interest. A popular feature that falls under it is WordPress hosting. This brings inefficiency to your server like no other.

Through this, you can create galleries, posts, pages or even a test page to get things started. Moreover, you get a wide range of themes to choose from that allows you to create a uniquely designed website. 

In this web hosting platform, you have a choice to opt for a dedicated web host so that you can create a strong website. There is a variety of options you can pick from according to your needs and budget.

Initially, it is advisable to choose the basic package which stands at $199 a month that gives you access to a single-processor server containing 16 GB of RAM. Once your company gets more established, you can upgrade to a high-end option. 

Liquid Web also offers cloud hosting which spreads a website's resources among different servers to prevent overload on a single server. Even under cloud hosting, you have different options such as Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Dedicated Cloud. You may start from the basics and work up the ladder once your business expands.  

In certain cases, even a web hosting company can choose to up their game through Liquid Web. There are many reseller packages that Liquid Web offers to ensure strong infrastructure and great bandwidth speed which the reseller web host might not have themselves. Moreover, the reseller gets to enjoy tech support at all times. 

Furthermore, companies who want to go for an affordable route can opt for VPS (Virtual Private Server) Web hosting which is a unique feature that Liquid Web offers. According to this, the servers are only charged on the days they are used which in turn helps to cut down costs.

Liquid Web is the solution to freelancers, agencies, business owners, and resellers. They have numerous packages tailored to your requirements.

With over 1 million sites under management, more than 500 on-site hosting professionals are always ready to provide any support you need. If you are in search of a secure and hassle-free hosting for your business, Liquid Web is the way to go. 

Super fast performance, with great flexibility for unbelievable prices!

With Liquid Web Hosting, you get it all: power, performance and flexible pricing. Expand your online business now.

Pros of Liquid Web

  • Powerful security measures
  • Industry-leading support
  • High-performing and dedicated servers with a powerful foundation
  • Outstanding customer service 24/7
  • 99.998% Uptime guarantee

Cons of Liquid Web

  • Expensive in comparison to competitors

Final Words

When it comes to building your brand and business online, you must choose a web hosting platform that offers maximum security and reliability even at a higher price than its competitors. 

Liquid Web is without a doubt, the most securely managed web hosting company that offers excellent technical support from the most experienced server administrators. Their world-class customer support can be obtained through chat and phone with a response time of just 59 seconds!

Considering all the aspects mentioned above, it’s pretty clear that Liquid Web is the most trustworthy web hosting service there is. They offer a huge variety of top-notch services that you can choose from.

So, if you can afford it and are willing to invest in the betterment of your business you should avail of their services right away.

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