How To Fund A Business With No Money: 7 Proven Tricks from Experts (2020)

In this article, we’ll discuss 7 amazing ways on how to fund a business with no money as shared by experts and veterans.

Do you have the best idea in the world for a business but have no money? If so, then there’s no need to fret one bit.

You don’t need a single cent to your name to start a business. What you do need is the determination and desire to become a success.

Those who are willing to put in the hard work of finding the money will undoubtedly be rewarded for their efforts.

Every successful business started due to someone willing to go out on a limb and take a risk. There is never any reward for anyone who isn’t willing to take a risk.

With that said, let’s now start with 7 amazing ways on how to fund a business with no money in 2020 & beyond.

1. Start an Online Business That Doesn’t Require Any Investment

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There are online businesses that you can start without any money at all. Any business you start on the internet that doesn’t need an investment will require plenty of hard work.

You should prepare yourself for many tireless nights and days of mind-bending work. what type of businesses can you start with no money?

Well, the obvious answer would be anything on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts are free to obtain. You can also get a free blog at

You will want to eventually invest some of your profits into buying a domain and web hosting. Though, it’s possible to continue making money without the need for a domain or hosting if you sell shoutouts or directly link to affiliate offers in your social media posts.

2. Ask Your Friends or Family If They Would Invest for a Stake in the Company

How good is the idea that you have to become a zillionaire? If it’s really good, then consider asking your friends and relatives if they would like to invest.

Be careful; you don’t want to burn a lot of bridges by trying to get money for something that won’t work at.

Remember, these are your relatives, and you’ve got to see them again. Be upfront and tell your family and friends what your business idea is and how it will make money.

You might be giving them an opportunity of a lifetime by asking for their support. Don’t you wish you were around if Steve Jobs needed a little cash to start up Apple? A small investment back in the early days would’ve meant big returns now.

3. Use Crowdfunding to Get Money to Raise Money

Kickstarter is the number one place to go to get something crowdfunded. What is crowdfunding? It’s where you ask the public to fund your idea in exchange for something. Let’s say you have the best idea ever for a durable smartphone case.

You go to Kickstarter and tell people they will be first in line to get your smartphone case if they preorder. The money you get from your backers will then be used to start your business.

If you have a great idea, then it’s possible to get your product or business started within days of launching your Kickstarter campaign.

4. Seek Out Venture Capitalists to Invest in Your Company

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Venture capitals are people who love to plunk down cold hard cash for a great idea. No one is on the cutting edge of ideas like venture capitalists are.

What will a venture capitalist expect if they invest in your company? A venture capitalist is going to want a stake in your company. You won’t be the sole owner of your business, and that is what it takes to get their money.

Do you think you could handle someone else owning a part of your baby? If not, then don’t go asking a venture capitalist for money.

You need to be able to handle someone breathing down your neck at all times to make sure what you’re doing is what they agree with. No one is more protective of their investment than a venture capitalist, and they will let you know if they’re not happy.

5. Max Out Your Credit Cards If Need Be

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Funding your business with credit cards is a terrible idea.

If you know for a fact that your company is going to succeed big time, then putting everything on a credit card might not be such a bad idea.

Sure, you’re going to pay an arm and a leg when it comes to interest. If you can pay off your credit card debt quickly, then it’s not so bad.

However, if you can’t pay off your debts for years, then the interest is going to eat away at all of your profits. Worse yet, if you can’t pay your debt, then it will be a horrible blemish on your credit rating.

6. Get a Loan From a Bank

If you have good credit, then getting a loan from a bank is a much better idea than using credit cards.

A bank loan will have much less interest than credit card debt. You will need to sit down with the banker and tell them your idea. Don’t be surprised if the banker thinks your idea is a bi zany if it’s off the wall.

Bankers hear all kinds of things, but sometimes even they can be surprised. The business plan that you put in front of the banker needs to be as thorough as possible.

If you don’t know how to draw up a business plan, then now is the time to learn. You must come to the bank prepared for any questions that they may have.

7. Use Peer Lending to Borrow Money From People Directly

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Peer lending is where you borrow money from one or more people. Sites like LendingTree and others enable people to lend money to others. The service makes sure that the person asking for the money is legit, and their credit score is in line with what a bank would require.

You might find that peer lending offers better interest rates and lower fees than a bank. You still will need to do your homework and present a plan that is feasible and makes sense to the lender.

Peer lending is a great way to sidestep the banking system and deal directly with people who have the money you so desperately need.

Final Words

Remember that there’s always money waiting for the right idea.

Those who have money are always seeking ways to get more of it. The only way for most to get more money is by investing it.

People and banks need individuals like yourself who have fresh ideas they can invest in. If you genuinely believe your product or service is going to make money and you’re able to convince others it will, then you shouldn’t have any problems getting enough capital to turn your ideas into reality.

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