ProWritingAid Review 2020: Take Your Writings to The Next Level

Review of: ProWritingAid

Use: Grammar Checker


Helps you correct grammatical errors, writing style & more


Very affordable and costs only around $50 for a year

Easy of Use

No learning curve involved. Install extension or PC app

Customer Support

A vast knowledge base and 24/7 chat or email support system

Summary: ProWritingAid is a great tool for bloggers, writing, social media avid users, copywriters, and in general everyone who writes online.

It will stop you from making silly mistakes, correct grammar, punctuation, writing style, suggest new words, and a lot more.

You thought your writing was perfect. I know you did. And so did I. I believed my writing was top of the class and no one could beat that. The teacher loved it. But then he checked thoroughly.

Yes, my paper was a pleasant read. But it had so many grammatical mistakes that the teacher couldn’t afford to give me a good grade. I pondered about what went wrong. Finally, I realized. I used a free grammar checker. 

A lot of junior writers like me end up in the trash because of awful decisions. Using a free grammar checker is the first of many.

A lot of us think paid grammar checkers are expensive and we don’t need them. Trust me, we do. It is not possible for a human being to be pitch-perfect with every single sentence in every paragraph of a thousand-word article. And we resort to free grammar checkers that provide inaccurate results.  

But those days are in the past. There is no alternative to paid grammar checkers if you want better results. And today, we will look into the best grammar checker that you can get for yourself! And that would be the ProWritingAid!

Improve Your Writing and Get Your Ideas Across More Clearly

ProWritingAid is a grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package. Write error-free content with ease.

ProWritingAid Review and Features

ProWritingAid Coupon

In recent years, many grammar checking software has entered the game. But ProWritingAid surely stands out and is the best grammar checking software. And I have reasons to believe that. Let’s talk about the features at first.

ProWritingAid will help you write better by checking your script for misuse of words, pacing, clichĂ©s, presence of long sentences, misuse of grammar, etc. At the outset, you can also determine what kind of writing style you want. Depending on whether your writing is for business magazines, websites, assignments or scripts you can select the respective style. 

The user-interface of ProWritingAid is like the Grammarly software but is not as great. In fact, the user-interface of ProWritingAid is one of its weakest points. The pop-ups sometimes don’t show up and you have to find them out in respective sections.

Again, if you feed it a huge chunk of writing it may slow down. But let’s be practical for a moment. You need the grammar checking software that can correct your mistakes, not the one that looks flashy or works super-fast. 

Talking about the accuracy, the ProWritingAid provides what it promises. The AI of ProWritingAid is well-developed. On average, you will get an accuracy of eighty percent. I was astonished and fell in love with the software for its capabilities. However, some sectors might be inaccurate and we will talk about that.  

Product Design and Quality

ProWritingAid Coupon Real Time Checker

ProWritingAid grammar checker software has a simple interface. On the upper tray, you will find that four sections are divided into fifteen more sub-sections. All of them are different tools meant and have unique uses.

A drawback is that the real-time checker is pretty slow and it will not point out all the flaws but the major ones. If you want deeper scrutiny, you may have to apply each tool individually. But these tools are pretty accurate. With their accuracy, you will surely be satisfied!

The category that deals with the sentence length might be inappropriate for some. It is not always accurate and might show faulty scores. Again, the readability is measured by the Flesch-Kincaid scale which is not much effective and applicable to readers.

But that is not a big deal, to be honest. Just look at the other sections!

Look at the grammar, the sticky sentences, the clichés checkers, and the thesaurus. Some tools calculate the sentence lengths and display them in infographics for your convenience.

You can also check the structures of all of your sentences. Even, there is a tool that analyses the transitions your sentences have. These amazing in-built checkers make ProWritingAid so awesome.  

Point of information, no matter what you are writing, passive sentences can make your writing less alluring. And if you write a passive sentence, the software will identify it. It will also rewrite sentences that seem too long or inappropriate.

Suppose you write a sentence that is too twisted. ProWritingAid will simplify and rewrite it for you. Again, if you end up putting on more words than necessary, ProWritingAid can fix that for you too!

Finally, it is time to know the pricing. After we know the prices of different ProWritingAid packages, we will compare them to its arch-rival, Grammarly!

ProWritingAid Pricing

ProWriting PremiumPlus Pricing

There are four packages for only the basic grammar checker software and 4 more that come with an included plagiarism checker. 

For the one year, two years and three years packages, you have to pay $70, $100 and $140, respectively. But for $240 you get the lifetime package. The plagiarism tool included packages cost $80, $120, $160 and $340, respectively.

You can get an extra 25% OFF the above mentioned prices using the links on this page (limited time!) 

Now, time for the comparison!

If you get Grammarly, you have to pay $30 monthly and $140 annually! Plus, there is no lifetime package. So, you can see that you will be able to save up a lot of money with the ProWritingAid software.

Improve Your Writing and Get Your Ideas Across More Clearly

ProWritingAid is a grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package. Write error-free content with ease.

Pros of Using ProWritingAid

  • Accurate grammar check
  • Over twenty comprehensive reports
  • Intuitive thesaurus
  • Explanations with details that will help you learn
  • Suggestions regarding your preferred style
  • You can see infographics of sentence structure and length

Cons of Using ProWritingAid

  • User-interface is not much appealing
  • Might slow down if the text is large

Final Words

The ProWritingAid grammar checker is an absolute gem. It has a few competitive rivals, but it is getting better and better every day. I love this software and it turned out to be useful, especially when I started writing full time.

The article you are reading right now is proofread with ProWritingAid! So, you get the picture. I certainly recommend ProWritingAid grammar checker.

Lastly, what are you waiting for then? Get the ProWritingAid grammar checker now and write magnificent pieces with more confidence!

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