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This is the decade of videos. The era where people use written content to present their knowledge is over. Videos have had tremendous success in social media for the display of commodities and services, supplying complex information, and teaching.

Statistics claim that two out of three people who watch videos about a product are more likely to buy that product. This means endless conversions. With videos competing with each other at an ever-changing pace, you need to make videos that will captivate the mind of your audience instantly.

Toonly Animated Software

Toonly is a software program that can be your solution to making the best of videos. Animated videos created using such software are dynamic. Any person watching a video with a cartoon character is brought back to their childhood which they can relate with.

They watch the video for the enjoyment and their goldfish minds can process the knowledge presented to them through a graphic character. Toonly requires a sum of money for a monthly or yearly rate in exchange for which you will be able to use the software and the characters inside it.

You will be able to create videos using moving characters by the click-and-drag feature. The advantage of Toonly is that there is no need for programming skills. You can use objects and characters on a chosen background, edit in faces, and other minor factors to fulfill your desired video. You have already seen animated videos online which you cannot ignore. With Toonly, you can create them now.

Engaging videos works on your reading, listening, and seeing. With all three senses merging together, you will be able to retain even 90% of what you subconsciously consume. By applying this technique, companies can accelerate their conversion rate, grow their brand, and keep adding customers at an ROI.


Toonly offers two packages of different pricing for its software. One is the Standard Package while the other is the Enterprise Package. You have the option of choosing a monthly or yearly plan.

Standard Package

The Toonly Standard Package costs $39 per month and offers the following benefits:

  • 30 distinct characters
  • 17 character animations for casting
  • 1058 prop images for various subjects
  • 71 backgrounds to match your scene
  • 10 premade scenes for beginners
  • 21 scene transitions for ease
  • 20 background audios for effect
  • 3 text animations for your content
  • Access to the Toonly Group on Facebook
  • Ability to create unlimited videos
  • Support for usage on multiple computers
  • Premium support from the Toonly crew

Enterprise Package

The Toonly Enterprise Package costs $69 per month and offers the following benefits:

  • 82 distinct characters
  • 30 character animations for casting
  • 2024 prop images for various subjects
  • 139 backgrounds to match your scene
  • 20 premade scenes for beginners
  • 101 scene transitions for ease
  • 142 background audios for effect
  • 5 text animations for your content
  • Access to the Toonly Group on Facebook
  • Membership of the Toonly Club where you receive new characters and props every month
  • Ability to create unlimited videos
  • Support for usage on multiple computers
  • Premium support from the Toonly crew

Toonly provides incredible savings for those using their software all year round. If you go for the yearly plan, you are receiving all the benefits from your actual package but at a reduced price.

The annual price for the Standard Package comes at a discounted price of $20 per month. This means an annual bill of $240. On the other hand, the annual price for the more popular Enterprise Package comes at a discounted price of $40 per month. This turns into an annual bill of $480. You thus get a 49% discount from the original plan just if you go yearly.

Optiux also offers a supreme package if you buy the Toonly software through them. The site provides $2850 worth of marketing materials absolutely free.

These materials include three hundred thousand copyright pieces for social media along with private label rights. With a single email, all your bonus materials will be sent to you.


This software comes with a variety of features using which you can make spellbinding videos.

Premade Functions: Toonly provides over 200 animated characters representing people all over the world. You will receive 20 Toonly background scenes where the colors are adjustable.

Adding Characters and Objects: Add, remove, and edit characters and props to complement your video. 10 of the characters feature 20 poses for quick use. You will find hundreds of props that cover an enormous variety of topics and niches.

Background Music: Music is highly necessary to go with a video. Toonly contains over a hundred royalty-free background music that you can add to your timeline videos.

Adding Voice-over: You have the option of adding separate sounds to your video. This can be your recorded voice, audio tracks, or even existing videos that you can use to sync with your current ones.

Video Exporting: Toonly allows the exporting of made videos into different sizes and formats. Create high quality animated videos with this software that can even go through custom resolutions.

Multiple Computers: The problem with many software programs is that they don’t allow usage through different screens. Toonly in fact does allow usage through separate computers (above windows 10) and supports android and Mac.

Tutorials: This software program does not require any programming knowledge. Yet, Toonly has created many explainer video tutorials for beginners to get in touch with the software. Random questions are also answered through the Toonly Facebook Group.

Where You Can Use Toonly Videos

  • Sales letters
  • Facebook Advertising 
  • Social Media Channels
  • Opt-in pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog posts
  • Emails

Who Can Profit from Toonly?

There are various ways you can make a profit with Toonly. People all over the world are using animated explainer videos created with the help of Toonly for their business.

Small Business Owners: Whether you are offering goods or services, you can introduce your work to people by explaining how a particular product works. This is a cheap way of converting video watching audiences to real customers. They also like and share your videos since they feel a sense of fun instead of a marketing tool, thus increasing your audience easily.

E-commerce Marketers: Owners of digital stores know the competition when selling goods online. Your method has to stand out so that you can draw your audience. Animated explainer videos help with just that.

They are effective in selling products by ensuring their audience correct information and quality. This works well in Facebook and other social media advertising, email market, and search engine marketing.

IT Companies: IT companies who are willing to attract customers with less work can use animated explainer videos for feasibility. This can be a unique way to gain B2B buyers and reduce calls by as much as 30%. Your personal tech skills along with the power of Toonly can reach new heights and thus you will be able to increase overall profitability.

Human Resources: The communication of a company with their employers and the outside world is through the HR department. They supply information for recruiting talent, teach the staff intensively long work policies, complete training of newbies, and give overviews of future projects.

To soften up rigorous information and reduce the tedious workload of employees, animated videos that go through tough content easily works like a charm. The work efficiency will thus multiply.

Trainers and Presenters: Teaching willing learners tough information which they will not be able to swallow lies in the hands of trainers and presenters. You will need to simplify complex points, breakdown intense concepts, pass messages across, and presentations look entertaining. This is hard work since minds start to wander when difficult figures are introduced. Let the animated character with the moving limbs handle your dirty work.

B2B Sales: People roll over their eyes when they are presented with mainstream sales deals. If you want to bring in the attention of the C-level executives, you need captivating videos that turn their heads towards your business. The future of your business depends upon how invested the stakeholders are. Forbes claims that 75% of stakeholders watch videos weekly. A neat fulfilling video can be your solution to get the word out.

Non Profits: People are drawn towards watching videos now more than ever. An animated character portraying a compelling story can be just what you need to meet people’s hearts.

Videos with a touching storyline are shared between family and friends more. Non-profit organizations continuously need to make videos about different subjects for announcing upcoming fundraisers, recruiting volunteers, explaining your motives, commanding presence, asking for donations. Any mediocre and renowned non-profit can go for Toonly for bringing vivid stories.

Bottom Line

An animated video maker like Toonly is definitely worth the money. Even if you showcase a product through an animated character, chances are your audience won’t even realize that you are targeting sales.

They will consider your product as something informative as well as entertaining and will be prompted to share what they see with others around them.

And that is the magic of Toonly animated videos. If this software suits your budget, then you can do wonders.

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