Discover How to Make Money on 10 Acres With These Ten Hacks

Ten acres is quite a bit of land. There are all kinds of stuff you can do with that much space. If you have 10 acres, hopefully, after reading this, you’ll have more than enough ideas on how you can make money off of it. Land is one of those things that always has value.

No matter what the economy is, you can make money in some way with property. If nothing else, you can always sell the land for some immediate cash in your pocket. If you think long term, then the property you have can put money in your pocket for many years to come.

10 Profitable Ways: How to Make Money on 10 Acres

1. Rent out Small Plots of Land to Those Who Want to Have a Garden

how to make money on 10 acres gardening

People who live in the city have no place to plant a garden. Do you want to make money off of your land without having to do any work? If so, then renting out small plots of land to gardeners is a great way to do so.

You’ll make it possible for city dwellers to enjoy healthy fresh fruits and vegetables for a fraction of what they cost in the supermarket. If you live near a big city, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find people to rent space from you.

2. Offer Rental Space to People Who Have Little Mobile Houses

Ever since the Great Recession, tiny houses have been a hit with many different sectors of the population. Retirees love the small houses since they don’t require much upkeep, and they offer the privacy an apartment lacks. With 10 acres of land  you will be able to offer space for quite a few little homes.

3. Start Your Own Solar Farm

solar farms

We all know that it’s high time we pay closer attention to our environment. A great way of doing so is by generating electricity through solar power. Your land is an ideal location for solar panels that can generate plenty of electricity. You can sell your electricity to nearby farmers or add it to the grid to offer the community energy stability.

4. Have Outdoor Exercise Classes

People love exercising in the great outdoors. Don’t worry if you’re not an exercise instructor. Look online for exercise instructors in your area, and no doubt, one of them will be more than willing to lead a class in your large piece of land. True outdoor enthusiasts will love getting fit and trim while breathing in the clean country air.

5. Clear the Land and Sell the Wood

If your land has trees on it, lots of trees, then it might be possible to sell the wood. Who buys wood?  A local mill might buy the wood to turn it into planks and other materials. If you don’t know of anyone who will buy the wood to make things out of, then it’s possible to sell it as firewood.

People still burn wood to heat their homes and also for barbecuing. Visit your local barbecue joints and ask them if they’d be interested in buying the wood off of you.

6. Build an Apartment Complex on Your Land

apartment complex

Apartments are always hot, and renters are never difficult to find. If you own the land and the building, then it’s pure profit rolling in. Build a high-quality apartment building that you can charge top dollar every month for rent.

Don’t shy away from having things like a tennis court or other outdoor amenities that can enable you to jack the rent up even higher.

7. Build a Shopping Center and Rent Storefronts

Shopping centers, strip malls, and whatever else you can think of are always super hot. It’s all about the location, and if your land is in a place where there’s plenty of traffic, then you won’t have any problems at all renting your storefronts.

Location is crucial and if you’re in the middle of nowhere, then it might not be a good idea for you to start a strip mall or anything like it.

8. Lease the Land to Farmers

how to make money on 10 acres farming

Here’s another way for you to make money without having to do anything. Farmers are always looking for high-quality land to lease. Why would a farmer want to lease and not own?

Sometimes farmers may not have the money to buy, or they’re only interested in expanding their farm for a few years. Who knows, the farmer may ask to buy your land after they’ve figured out how to turn a profit while using it.

9. Grow Fruits and Vegetables and Sell Them at Your Local Farmers Market

Do you have a green thumb? Are you the type who enjoys back-breaking work? If so, then having your own small farm might be a good idea. You could sell your fresh produce at a farmers market or a roadside stand. Everyone loves buying directly from the farmer because it cuts out the middleman, and people like to support local farmers.

10. Have Concerts and Charge People an Entry Fee


Concerts are popular in the summer, and people will pay a hefty price to hear their favorite musicians. You can hold the concerts yourself or lease the land out to a promoter. By having concerts on your land, you’ll promote the arts, and you’ll also make a killing. There is always a demand for live music, and that’s not going to go away any time soon.

Your Land Is Valuable, and It’s Time to Cash in on It

Don’t let your land sit there without rewarding you handsomely. Take this opportunity to put your land to work for you. The best passive income that you’ll ever come across always deals with real estate. Being a landowner is an old-fashioned way of becoming rich, but there are still plenty of people who are lining their pockets with money bade from their property.

Try your best to turn your land into something that generates a monthly income. After the land pays for itself, then use your monthly income to buy more property and expand your financial horizons.

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