How To Use PBNs To Rank Micro Niche Websites

Micro niche sites are focused on a narrow sub-niche. These are extremely specific websites. You would be typically focusing on specific gym equipment or a specific home appliance and so on. Instead of focusing on home gym equipment, you would be focusing on Elliptical.

They are supposed to rank quickly. With no more than ten pages, you can attract 1000 unique visitors every month. The conversion rates should be exceptionally good. Whether its AdSense or Affiliate, it will be a lucrative project.

Supply Links from PBN

What’s a better way to rank micro niche websites than using a PBN? You can supply links to the micro-niche site from the PBN. Each PBN can offer up to 5 strong backlinks to the website. It may not be enough to start generating profits. But it does get things rolling. The two main niche revenue site models often discussed it is AdSense and Affiliate marketing. Micro niche sites are no exception.

Using PBN for AdSense

AdSense is for the long term. You need to stay in the game for as long as you can. The earnings happen slow and steady. You can’t risk exposing your website to Google penalties. You should preferably use a PBN you built. Paying for PBN links is risky. You have no idea about the quality of the links you are getting. There is no guarantee on zero spammy links.

Using PBN for Affiliate

Affiliate programs like Amazon are relatively short term. It only works as long as the products enjoy the limelight. Moreover, Amazon is more lenient when it comes to penalties. You need to make cash quickly. Regardless of where you’re getting your links from, get it quick. You need high-quality links from strong PBNs. You are encouraged to be adventurous in this high risk, high reward setup.

Does it always work?

Using PBN to rank micro niche sites works only when done correctly. People often start with high expectations about the impact of links. You shouldn’t supply with more than five links from single PBN. Anything above that will be overkill.  External factors also play a role in the success of micro niche websites.


Start with proper keyword research.  Check the competition on chosen keywords. Adjust your budget accordingly. Have a clear-cut plan to save yourself from losses and disappointment. You should follow PBN links with social media marketing and some form of advertising. Combining web content with YouTube videos should work like a charm.

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