10 Ways to Make Money Posting Ads

There are many places and ways to post an ad online. You can create you won blog and write some attractive content and after that, you can start posting ads.

Advertisements are the best way to make money when you have a blog or website since readers will never get disturbed by them.

But there are ways to post ads on your website and blogs and you need to follow certain principles here. 

Avoiding Scams

If you are searching for ads then be sure about scams. If the ads come with some membership options and they ask one-time payments, then don’t go for it.

So, be sure about scams. Always choose the right ads and you can easily make money posting ads. The ad owners who ask for a one-time fee will never come back and you should never believe them. 

10 Ways to Make Money Posting Ads

Here are the ten best ways to make money posting ads

1. Placing Ads on Your Blog


If you are searching for a job where you can earn at least 10 dollars by posting an ad then this is the best choice. One of the best ways to do it is by choosing Google AdSense. This is the most commonly used advertiser.

The majority of the blogs and businesses use this Google AdSense. Even though you have a new website there is no need to worry you can use this advertiser.

In case if you have already established a website and say you have 25k visitors on a monthly basis then you can use Mediavine. When there are more visitors, Mediavine is better than Google AdSense. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

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This is the best way to make money through an ad posting. The reason is, whether the visitor purchases or no, just for ad posting you will get paid here.

There are many factors on which the earning depends and the most important ones are ad placement and site traffic. Along with this, the advertiser also matters. So, you have to choose the best advertiser. 

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