Does PBN Work in 2019? Let’s Find Out

Private Blog Network (PBN) used to be effective in the SEO realm. For starters, you would own a few sites, which are on different C blocks. You create a powerhouse of a network and send all the link juice to your money sites.

PBNs make use of expired domains owing to already existing metrics. The idea is to build high authority network without leaving too much footprint.

PBN is a massive business in the SEO space, where you try manipulating rankings. The question we pose now is, do PBNs work as effectively as before.

Do PBNs still work today? Yeah, it does. You need to be extra careful about not leaving footprints. The consistent stream of penguin updates in Google search algorithms makes the job tougher. Search engines are more adept at spotting PBN networks these days.

You must be aware of the patterns you create along the way. Days of using blog network services are over. Google has torched such services and a few irresponsible PBNs too. If you are planning to run a PBN in this year or later, you risk being caught all the time. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop the black-hatters who learn and evolve.

PBNs vs. Google

When the concept of PBNs sprang to life, both parties had a lot to fight for. On the one hand, PBN builders were wary of being caught. On the other hand, Google was worried about people perfecting this black hat SEO technique. The search engine giant tried removing backlinks that didn’t look natural. Still, it just can’t ban everybody on basis of suspicions.

PBN Vs. Google - Are PBN Effective in 2019

Webmasters genuinely know each other and link back and forth too. Banning the suspects will have collateral damage. Even innocent white hat webmasters can get penalized. Simply put, PBNs done right cannot be detected. They hide in plain sight amongst millions of websites.

Not A Viable Long-Term Solution

You can go ahead with PBN if you want. It may not be the perfect long-term solutions for most webmasters. You need to manage a whole lot of sites. It becomes a headache in the long run. You should not miss the renewal dates. Buying links to power the entire network can become expensive.

Managing a gigantic list of login credentials and IPs is no easy job. PBNs are undoubtedly a quick fix to boosting sales. The mentioned issues don’t even show up in the short term. You can always get adventurous with PBNs and actually generate a whole lot of revenue in a speedy time.

Costs involved

When we say ‘viable,’ we factor in the costs involved too. PBNs with 100+ domain names are going to cost you few thousands per month, just for maintenance. Of course, people can do it for a lot cheaper too. But, your PBN wouldn’t be that big. You need to put in tons of hours of work annually.

Some people outsource the repetitive tasks to freelancers. But seriously, your PBN is no longer a secret then. If you are outsourcing, consider some dedicated SEO providers. Check out their track records and request for verifiable rankings history.

Should you use PBNs now?

If you are building a genuine brand without plans of inflating your authority online, you are well off without PBNs. If you are an enthusiastic team, willing to test products and give genuine reviews, we suggest you take the regular route.

However, if you want to get adventurous and make some real income real quick, PBN is your ticket. There are ways to keep things discreet, regardless of evolving algorithms. PBNs allow you to get to the top, even past the competitor who consistently provides greats content.

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