Social Kickstart Review 2020: The Best Facebook Marketing Tool

A Facebook Marketing Tool allows you to advertise products on your page efficiently. Visit this article to know all about Social Kickstart Review and its Facebook marketing.

Review of: Social Kickstart

Use: Facebook Marketing Tool


Amazing tool to increase your social reach on auto-pilot


Pricing starts at just $27/month or $197 a year

Easy of Use

Detailed analytics and social insights that are easy to understand

Customer Support

Professional email support and decent knowledge base

Summary: Social Kickstart an amazing tool that helps online marketers conduct market research, gather insights, and most-importantly, create endless share-worthy content, to help maximize fans and total reach.

With the evolution of the internet, social networks made their rise. This part is especially true for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Everyone became a part of the Social Network because they were looking to interact with friends and share their personalities. The social networks became the ideal spot for companies to find their target audience.

So, several users started creating “Fan Pages” for advertising the products on the social network. However, managing these fan pages is easier said than done. To help these managers handle their pages, Matt Callen and Mark Thompson created Social Kickstart.

Schedule and post unique, viral content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from one single interface.

Unbiased Social Kickstart Review

social kickstart review

As the title suggests, Social Kickstart is a marketing tool. This tool is more than capable of helping marketers to create spectacular campaigns. Even a few years ago, marketers had to click through numerous individual pages on social networks. The main purpose of this incessant clicking was to conduct market research and gather insights.

Now, this process of collecting information will seem old with the advent of Social Kickstart. After all, it is a versatile marketing software that contains every important tool. What makes this software so exciting is that it is a web-based application with a lot of security. There are three functions that this software allows you to perform without any issue.

Research: Place all the focus on the target audience accompanied by solid content. Then you will be able to anchor the fan pages.

Publishing: Place all your focus on the target audience and accomplish similar goals.

Monetizing: Follow up on the technique above while also scaling up the technique to generate better revenue. You can do all three of them without having any experience with cutting edge technologies.

With these functions mentioned above, you can easily increase the traffic to your fan page. Many Facebook page managers have been using the marketing tool for more than a year. 

Before you start, you will need to choose your campaign. In this case, the tool will provide options among campaigns accompanied by related information. The information that this marketing tool provides is about likes, completed, queued, insights, etc. If you are looking for better insight, just make a click on the “View Campaign” box.

This box reveals quite a few details regarding the campaign. For instance, you will be able to know all about the comments, likes, post outreach, etc. Besides, you may even reply to the audiences of your posts by clicking on “reply to comment”. After that, you have to choose the comment to answer to and type in the reply to post instantly.

In case you are wondering what you have to pay for these services, it is cheap. If you are looking to pay every month for these services, you will have to pay $27. On the other hand, you can also pay $197 yearly to get the best package.

Product Design and Quality

Social Kickstart comes with a filtering system for searching for anything. As a result, everything that has any connection to the campaign within your grasp. Of course, these things have to be published on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Every campaign will let you access information like, the number of people talking about the post/campaign, categories, likes, etc. 

Furthermore, this marketing tool allows the use of credits. After that, you can arrange the posts you want to publish on the page. The method is quite similar when it comes to Instagram and YouTube. If you use Social Kickstart, you can arrange the publishing time in such a way that your posts look authentic.

As a whole, Social Kickstart eliminates the manual time you spend on social marketing. To cut down on that manual time, you can make an entire Hands Off Social Presence. Social Kickstart contains a Drip Scheduler for this process.

Now, you can easily make a plan for your content to drop once in a day or even more. Since it is an automatic process, the content will drip in this manner according to the schedule you will select. Your role in all of this will be to provide the content in the beginning. After that, you can rest easy while the marketing tool automates the complete publishing timetable.

There is more to Social Kickstart than just automating these schedules for you. Everyone knows that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram deeply prioritizes Live Videos. These videos appear at the top of the food chain for the fans. Social Kickstarts lets you make it your trump card under any given scenario.

So, you may “Go Live” with the marketing tool whenever you think is important. In this case, Social Kickstart lets you make pre-recorded videos. After that, you can make a schedule for the videos to be published as a live broadcast on Facebook. The process is really simple and user-friendly.

Firstly, you need to make a new post as part of Social Kickstart. Secondly, you have to add the pre-recorded video. After that, just make a timetable for the video to be put on “Live”. In the end, you have to wait for the software to broadcast the video on Facebook’s live format.

You can now sit back and observe how Facebook sends your followers and friends’ notifications just when the video is live. As a result, the views, comments, and share on your fan page will get a decent boost.

Rapidly Grow Your Traffic, Leads, and Social Presence

Schedule and post unique, viral content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from one single interface.

Pros of Using Social Kickstart

  • Helps your content to get viral
  • Automatically posts the content at any given time
  • Manages social media sites from one specific spot
  • Buys the user time to develop the business

Cons of Using Social Kickstart

  • Manually setting up social media pages

Final Words

Nowadays, with the amount of creative freedom available, it can be a hassle to manage social media websites. However, you will be given a chance to manage all of it from one location with Social Kickstart.

With that being said, Social Kickstart is the best marketing tool to map the evolution and metrics of social media pages.

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