Provely Review 2020: The Best Digital Marketing Conversion Tool

What if we tell you about a hack that can boost conversion rates? Think of the booster in the form of a website widget. Surprised? Read the article about Provely review and get to know more!

Review of: Provely

Use: Digital Marketing Conversion Tool


Boosts conversion rate up to 250%


Affordable yearly payment plans

Easy of Use

Very easy to integrate with various platforms

Customer Support

24/7 professional support

Summary: With Provely, you can add Real-Time Social Proof to any website with a single line of code. It'll boost your conversion rate and pay for itself in a short time.

Yes, your online business is getting a lot of traffic but no one is sticking to it. What about your sales? Are they up to the mark? We don’t think so. Face the harsh truth.

After all, who wants a business with no leads, no sales, no transaction? Would I want a business like this? 

OBVIOUSLY NOT! You have good advertising skills, optimized search engine but what about conversion skills? Online business live and die based conversion skills!

What if we tell about a software that will boost your conversion by 250% within 3 minutes only? You heard it right! Provely is a tool that will help you in this purpose. Come on, let’s continue with the exploration!

Unbiased Provely Review

Provely Review Demo

At first, what is Provely? Provely is the ultimate conversion tool designed to display a visual and audible notification on any page of your site that tells your visitors about your actions opting in marking sales or webinars. The notifications will keep your customers to get stuck in your content, landing page, or research.

In a nutshell, Provely creates special popup widgets that you can integrate with your site through an implanted line of code. For example, in a sales page, popup widgets display a notification if a purchase is made. It’s all about knowing what fascinates your customers more.

With Provely, now you can boost conversions with social notifications for your site visitors.

Let’s just see the functionalities that Provely has for us to offer:

  • Live Visitor Count
  • Recent Activity
  • Localization
  • Lead Capture
  • Mobile Responsive
  • E-commerce Conversion Tools
  • Rules Engine

To make things easier for you, features include popup templates that are fully customizable from themes to text to colors, changing of geographical location and simple interface to create campaigns faster than before.

And the Good News? Provely supports WordPress, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, InstaPage, PayKickStart, and lots more. However, it does not integrate via API.

Did you know Provely also offers 3 different campaigns for customizing popups? Check them out!

1. LIVE:

  • Displays notifications in real-time on your page
  • Ideal for large volume sites


  • Display notification that rotates over a selected period
  • Ideal for medium volume sites


  • Display notifications when specified
  • Ideal for Start-Ups and small volume site

The setting might seem a bit difficult but they are really useful. Don’t be under the misconception that more traffics means more conversion. They are not the same! If you are still mixing the two, have fun watching users leave your page without any desired actions. 

Boost Conversions By Over 250%

Click the link below and save up to $247 on annual payment

Product Design and Quality

New software? How am I supposed to work with it? I need an IT expert! We all suffer from these panic attacks whenever we meet a new software. Just follow the three simple steps and see how easily Provely works:

Step 1: Integrate lead/sale source

Step 2: Add a line of code to your website

Step 3: Display notification to encourage visitors to take actions 

The software also provides full integration with all popular autoresponders and website administrators. This feature will give you flexibility in offering your services to different groups of customers. Get the maximum support for your works as Provely links with shopping carts, lead signups, webinar registrations, etc. Provely also gives you unlimited domains, notifications.

For the easy promotion of your business Provely also has the language translation feature. What’s there to fear in promoting products with your native tongue now! Provely also has several qualities that make your site quite different than the rest.

By the way, different in a good sense! Widget design lets you choose your popup template from a whole library. The color scheme lets you stand out by having your widget integrate with your brand and website. There’s no limitation for your imaginations now!

If you feel like restricting your site for some countries, the location feature will allow you to do that. If you want to display your notifications in prime time only, use the frequency feature. Trust me, these proved to substantially boost conversions by 300%!

Social proof will always continue to be a very powerful tool for conversion. But the conversions can make you exposed to fraudulent situations. The biggest disadvantage of Provely is that it lacks security and spam prevention. But the most important thing? The system completely works on autopilot mode to boost your conversions.

Provely Pricing

It’s time for us to discuss the payment scheme. Provely offers 3 basic purchasing schemes that vary with the number of domains. All of the schemes are annually based.

You can get the Basic Scheme having one domain for $97, Pro Scheme which supports 5 domains will cost $147 and the Ultimate Scheme with unlimited domains will cost $197. But as the charter expires, the price keeps on getting a lot higher which is a major drawback. 

However, no recurring fee is required. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the product, Provely will refund you following the 30-days guarantee.

Boost Conversions By Over 250%

Click the link below and save up to $247 on annual payment

Pros of Using Provely

  • Professional User Interface
  • A powerful method to skyrocket conversions
  • Widgets easily set up in your page
  • High-Speed conversion-boosting
  • Newbie friendly editor
  • Creates an unlimited number of widgets

Cons of Using Provely

  • Better alternative software available
  • Less effective if you have little or no conversions, to begin with
  • Gets expensive with time

Provely Review: Final Words

Despite its drawbacks, I would say Provely is an ingenious app. There’s no reason not to include it for your online business as it’s been proved to increase conversions to a large extent. Leverage the conversions that you are getting to increase future conversions.

Provely allows this leverage. This makes it one of the best conversion tools. I would say if you are looking for ways to increase your conversions, Provely is a must-try. Rest lies within you.

Finally, if you are looking for a way to work effectively spending less time and money, I would suggest Provely is one of the best ways to do so.

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