Booster Theme Review 2020: The Best Shopify Theme for Dropshippers

A good Shopify theme can make your stores look impressive. Visit this article to know why Booster Theme review is the best at this business.

Review of: Booster Theme

Use: Shopify Theme


It can increase your conversion by up to 277%


Very affordable starting at just $99/license

Easy of Use

No learning curve involved & super easy to use

Customer Support

24/7 professional support and community

Summary: Booster Theme is an marvelous Shopify dropshipping theme has so many features that it could help you with boosting the sales of your dropshipping store.

When people visit this article, it may be because they have heard of the Booster theme before. There is no problem either if you have not heard of it before.

The Booster Theme is really popular among all the dropshipping stores. Now, if you are looking to create a Shopify Store, then Booster theme is a good option.

Nowadays, it is common for Facebook to advertise it frequently. The commercial campaigns of this theme grab the attention quite quickly. So, let’s take a look at Booster Theme review & all the details that make it one of the best themes.

Unbiased Booster Theme Review

Booster Theme Review

When people look to create one or more product stores, they even want small sales to funnel. In this case, the Booster theme is the most appropriate theme to look into. The theme will not provide the functionalities for click upsells. This only happens because the Booster theme cannot directly provide Stripe integration.

But they will provide a sales page accompanied by add-on upsells. After that, it redirects the user to a Shopify checkout page. You may not have heard before but add-on upsell is efficient with increasing the customer order value. What this means is that customers will be offered batteries accompanied by the torch they wanted.

One of the biggest advantages of this theme is that it is mobile friendly. So, it will show all the images as well as an “add to cart” on the top of your smartphone. With the evolution of social media networks, it works in your favor. After all, you will need to target customers on Facebook and Instagram that generates easy traffic.

The relation between the growing need of users to use smartphones and the evolution of social media marketing is important. This is the relation which Booster theme takes the most advantage of. Since the theme is mobile optimized, you can offer customers a sale price, RRP price, etc. in one fold only. Now, customers don’t have to scroll up or down for anything.

This is a fairly new concept for the theme that was unavailable with the predecessors. So, with the introduction of this add-on, mobile traffic has increased to almost seventy percent.

When you have the Booster theme, it saves a lot of your valuable money from being spent on installing apps. While the apps may be important to the user, they are bound to slow the website down. This no secret that customers don’t want to linger at a slow website which results in lower sale conversion.

The Booster theme comes with all the important in-built snippets. Because of this, you can avoid launching distinct java scripts. As a result, you can help your website by decreasing the time it takes to load pages. The company has claimed that Booster is twice as fast as other Shopify themes because of it.

The updated version of this theme costs $179 for one license. In case of using two licenses, you will be charged $297 and $497 to get five.

Product Design and Quality

One of the highlights of this theme is that it is designed to be compatible with every niche. It does not matter whether you are looking to get into gadgets or fashion accessories, the theme works just fine.

As previously mentioned, this theme helps visitors go straight to the checkout. It is well-documented that if a funnel takes lesser steps, it boosts the front-end conversion. So, you are bound to get what you need and want by using the Booster theme. There are other functionalities of the theme that add value to your website.

For instance, the theme introduces notifications in a popup manner. While this may be a false plugin, but it is there for a specific purpose. It will display sales on the page that are made-up but the customer will not doubt it. Customers will get the feeling that the site is valuable since other customers regularly check out the store.

Admittedly, it is a neat little parlor trick to “fool” the customer. But, if that is not your intention from day one, you can disable it right away. There is one other function with similar properties: visitor counter.

This counter is fake and targets the customers once again. The role of this counter is to make the site appear even more popular than usual. However, there have been occasions where it has done more harm than good.

For instance, if your store displays t-shirts and the number of visitors appears to have crossed 300. The first thing that will come to the mind of your target customer is: “how many people are buying it?” At the end of the day, no one wants to wear the same cloth as three hundred others. So, the product will lose its appeal to the actual customer and that is harmful to the store.

There seems to be an endless list of plugins that come with this theme. One of these plugins is an email list that eliminates the use of Wheelio. Needless to say that the feature resembles the Wheelio app and collects the customers’ emails in exchange for coupons. You will be able to edit this plugin the way you need it to function.

After all, this plugin appeals to old-timers. So, the strategy is useful for people who are looking to build their email list. The great thing about this theme is, the installation process is quite simple. Besides that, the Booster theme is unique because it can factor in the scientific aspect of human behavior.

Turn Your Shopify Store Into a Persuasion Machine That Convert Your Visitors Into Buyers

Easy Setup. No Coding. Booster Theme take less than a minute to install & boost your conversions

Pros of Using Booster Theme

  • Increases the average order value
  • Offers up complimentary products
  • Improves the overall experience for visitors
  • Provides support with Zendesk

Cons of Using Booster Theme

  • Requires users to download the theme after updates

Final Words

The booster theme works well for a store that simultaneously displays a handful of products. It will boost the sale of those products to a huge degree. Now, the theme can be used in ten languages, making it even more popular than before.

Finally, the Booster theme offers much more than other Shopify themes at a very reasonable price.

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