iFunnels Review 2020: Your One-Stop Solution to Online Business

iFunnels is enough to get your online business get up and running. Read our unbiased iFunnels review & say goodbye to scampering across multiple tools.

Review of: iFunnels

Use: Online Business Building Platform


Effective tool that offers all features you need in one place


Pricing starts at $99/month after discount

Easy of Use

There's no learning curve involved & super easy

Customer Support

Professional support team and vert detailed knowledgebase

Summary: iFunnels is a simplified funnels-building online tool where you can imagine, drag-and-drop, and fully create what you imagined without having to worry about any of the technical stuff.

Yes, you read it right. The days when you had to resort to one tool for creating Email funnels and another to create landing pages, has finally come to an end. Online marketing can often be a hassle. 

It takes a long time to organize the necessary tools and minimize system loss. And if there is one thing online marketers hate, that is system loss.  

However, iFunnels is a brand-new tool that will help you create landing pages, websites, premium funnels, Email funnels as well as generate leads. Sounds unbelievable right?  

With this amazing tool, you can finally keep your mind organized. Let’s dive in and see what this amazing tool features shall we?

Unbiased iFunnels Review

iFunnels Review

The tool can serve multiple purposes. For instance, there is a “Studio” section where you can create not only landing pages, but full-fledged websites as well. 

And, the tool is designed especially for “marketers”. What that means is, a person with no idea of coding or even designing can easily create a website with a “Drag and Drop” feature! It’s time to welcome some flashy websites! 

Then, they have the Email Marketing section. Here, you again have the drag and drop feature. You can create a sequence of your Emails easily with that. The reaction of the recipients will be reported to you for your convenience. Split testing is automated and you can use two or even multiple Emails for split testing.  

Lead generation was never easier. The tool will provide you leads, but there are limitations. With their “fair usage” policy, they will send out your products/services to real people only. There will be a total absence of bots and you will only generate genuine leads.  

The tool is still pretty new. And it is full of promises. The developers seem to have great plans for it. However, the tool does not come cheap. But considering the output, the tool is cost-effective.

Product Design and Quality

Now, let’s get a bit more technical as to what the tool can accomplish, starting with the studio. As I stated earlier, the Studio will be a complete package with which a guy with absolute ‘zero’, yes, I mean it, skills can create flashy websites like the ones you see nowadays. Fun fact is, the landing page of the tool itself is created with the tool.

The Studio has more than 800 professionally designed blocks from which you can simply drag and drop the one you fancy. If that doesn’t satisfy you, there is a layout editor that gives you complete freedom over the customization. Various add-ons like forms can be integrated easily. A great addition is the delay feature It enables you to display your content at the right moment.  

Moving on, to the Email funnel. This is great for creating opt-in forms. You can also tag the leads, and it features real-time validation. With this, you can avoid the risk of flooding your Email list with bots. The sequencing is really easy with iFunnels.

You just drag the Emails to the desired sequence, and there you go! You will get a detailed report as to how the leads will react. You can check the number of leads who clicked and who did not. Again, split testing with two or multiple emails is also possible.

And the portion that will have least opened emails sent to them, the tool will automatically send them emails with more CTR. With these tricks up your sleeve, you can personalize your emails for the maximum profit

This tool makes lead generation simple. Creating various forms is very easy and you will have absolute freedom. You can channel your Emails, SMS in multiple routes with the click of a button only.

This tool can be integrated with most of the third-party software that we use, giving you complete freedom over your business. 

Next Generation Marketing Platform Lets You Create & Manage Your Entire Online Business

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Pros of Using iFunnels

  • Simple and easy to use, needs no experience or knowledge of coding or designing
  • Crafted with fast-paced, modern technology while retaining simplicity
  • Enough to create and maintain the entire online business operation
  • Makes building websites and landing pages super easy
  • Easy lead generation
  • It can create email marketing funnels with absolute ease

Cons of Using iFunnels

  • It does not come cheap

iFunnels Review: Summary

iFunnels is amazing software for creating and maintaining online businesses. Digital marketers, affiliate marketers, e-commerce businessmen can generate more profit with this tool. We certainly loved the amazing features that this tool packs. Especially, the landing page and website builder stands out from the rest of the tools available in the market.

You can use all of the different integrations of this tool at once, or you can use the ones you need. We consider this to be a great touch that you can buy the distinct plugins individually at a lower price point of 29$. However, the price of the whole package might be daunting for some.  

The tool costs 99$ a month if you are going for the monthly subscription. However, this price will soar to a whopping 299$ a month very soon! Yes, the prices are high. However, imagine the amount of revenue you can make from this tool!

As a cherry on top, you get a weekly live session where professionals will guide you through various processes of online business. Considering all of these, you are paying a lot, but getting more in return!

Final Words

If you are looking forward to starting an online business, or even if you have an existing one, resorting to iFunnels is a very good choice nonetheless. With the amazing tools it offers, you can take your business to the next level, and finally get ahead of the curve.

Please note that the prices of the tool will rise by many folds anytime now, so the sooner you get it, the less you will be paying. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on iFunnels now!

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