How to Get Car Insurance Estimate Without Personal Information

What do you need to get car insurance estimate without personal information? Have these five things ready before you get a quote.

Many people believe that to get a car insurance quote that you must provide a lot of information. The fact is, you don’t need to give any personal information at all.

The information that you provide the insurance company can’t be traced back to you since none of it contains your name, address, or other details that are used to identify who you are.

These are the five things that you must know to get a car insurance estimate without sharing personal information.

5. You’ll Need to Provide Your Age

Get Car Insurance Estimate Without Personal Information

Age is a factor when it comes to how much your auto insurance will cost. Why? It makes sense that if you’re a younger driver, that you are less experienced.

Someone who has spent less time behind the wheel is more likely to have an accident. You might be the best young driver in the world, but it’ll be quite sometime before the car insurance companies see you as such.

Younger people tend to take more risks than those who are older. An older person is less likely to speed, drink and drive, or do anything else that may pose a potential risk while driving.

It is unfair to paint any specific age group with a broad brush, but with youth comes the type of risk-taking that costs insurers more money. If you want to know why younger drivers pay more for car insurance, that’s it.

A younger driver is someone who is less experienced, and more likely to take unnecessary risks that someone older would never consider doing.

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