How to Make Money From Your Phone: 4 Legitimate Ways

A smartphone is a mini-computer that you carry everywhere in your pocket. Most people don’t leave home without their smartphone. Did you know it’s possible to make money with your phone?  You don’t need a computer to make money online; all you need is the desire to succeed. Sure, at some point, you might want to invest some of your profits into a computer, but in the beginning, you can use the phone that goes everywhere you do.

4. Take Pictures and Sell Them on Stock Photo Sites

take pictures

If you run a website or blog, then you know how vital stock photos are. Media companies are always on the lookout for fresh stock photos they can use on their sites, television shows, and print material.

The camera on your phone is good enough to start earning money by selling stock photos. Sign up to one of the big sites and get the ball rolling by trying to sell a few photos. You will get paid by the sale, so it’s essential that your pictures are good or no one is going to buy them.

Don’t think that the only people who can make money selling stock photos are those living in Hollywood. No matter where you are, there’s something exciting waiting for you to photograph it. Those who make the most money selling stock photos are the people who have the best eye.

If you can spot a fantastic view from a mile away, then you’ll do pretty good. You should consider buying professional equipment after the money begins the roll in. The better your photos are, the more money they’ll generate down the line.

3. Get Paid to Take Surveys

take survey

Survey sites don’t pay very much, and often they don’t give you cash. Some survey sites give you Amazon gift cards or other things you can spend online.

Though some do pay some money and those might be of interest to you. You shouldn’t expect to make massive money with survey sites, but you might be able to get a tank or two of gas per month for your car. New survey sites are popping up all the time, and you have to be cautious of them.

It’s best to stick with the sites that have been around the longest. If you have time to burn, then go with some of the newer sites that haven’t built up their reputation yet. Be aware that sometimes new companies are scams and they won’t pay you.

You can easily make enough money with survey sites to pay for your phone bill. You can also save up your Amazon gift cards to buy yourself a new phone. Filling out surveys for money is something people have been doing online for quite some time, and you can rest the top companies are here to stay.

How much you make with these sites vary, and you should be well aware of their payouts long before you invest any of your time in them. Sometimes the payout is so little that it isn’t worth your time. Though, if you’ve got nothing else to do, then it might be worth it regardless of how much they pay.

2. Sell Stuff Online Using Ebay


The camera on your phone is useful for something other than taking pictures to sell on stock photo sites. The same camera you take selfies can also take pictures of items to sell on eBay.

You do want pictures of the things that you sell at the biggest auction house in the world. eBay is a great place to sell everything from those old pants you can’t fit into any more to high-end antique items. The most crucial factor in selling on eBay is how much money you have invested in the item.

If it’s something that you’ve used quite a bit and is ready to get rid of it, then anything you get is better than nothing. You were probably thinking about tossing that E.T stuffed animal in the trash, but someone might buy it off of you on eBay.

Yard sales are great places to pick up items to resale on eBay. It’s possible to find items at yard sales for as low as a dime or a quarter and sell them on eBay. If you only made a dollar or two on something you paid a quarter for, the profit is enormous.

If you spend a couple of dollars for something, to the right buyer, it might be worth ten or twenty dollars. A keen eye is what’s required to spot stuff to sell on eBay. You don’t need a computer to sell on eBay, and your phone is powerful enough to get the job done.

To become a top seller on eBay, you’ve got to find items people want and sell them at a price anyone can afford. eBay success isn’t difficult to obtain if you learn what people want to buy.

1. Become a Social Media Influencer

Make Money From Your Phone social media influencer

Social media was made for smartphones. The best way to make money using your phone is on social media. Have you ever tried to make money on social media using a computer?

Social media sites don’t work nearly as well on a computer like they do a smartphone. The user experience on every social site across the board is so much better on your smartphone. That’s why it’s a no brainer to try to get into the world of social media marketing on your phone.

How much can you make being a social media influencer? The answer to that question depends on your level of influence. You also need to keep in mind the different ways people make money on social platforms with methods like affiliate marketing or selling shoutouts.

Affiliate marketing and selling shoutouts are the two ways most influencers make money. Work hard on building a loyal following, and you won’t have any problems making money off of them. Whatever you do, don’t go the route of trying to build up your account with bots, fake likes, or anything like that.

Bonus Way to Make Money: Youtube

Have you ever thought about becoming a YouTuber? If so, you probably thought you need a computer and fancy camera equipment. Nope, you don’t need any of that.

The camera on your phone makes good enough videos for YouTube. It’s all about the content of your videos and what you put in them. The way you make money is through YouTube’s revenue sharing program.

Your Phone Is Your Life

You can’t live without your phone. Your smartphone is your best friend, and it’s there with you through thick and thin. Why not turn your favorite device into a money-making machine? You already spend all day long on your phone; it’s time that it put some money in your pocket. It’s not hard to make money online; you’ve got to stick with it, and eventually, you’ll discover your path to greatness.

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